Aug. 1st, 2011

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So, fandoms are colliding. Case in point:
  • Bones having Angel's Angel and Hamilton together in a scene.

  • Medium having Firefly's Badger and Niska together in a scene.

I just...thought I'd point that out? Because I kinda want to do art about it but not now?

Speaking of Medium, I watched the third episode with Mark Sheppard (although really, the first one is a lie, because it has Mark saying two lines and then it's nothing but sitting there staring at the screen, consumed by lust, waiting for his character to show up again and he never does, at least not Mark-shaped). It made me rant at the screen.

So I'm going to rant at the screen again, in typed form. Because GRR ARGH. In which a woman is in labour and I do not agree with solution - and sentiments. )

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