Feb. 20th, 2011

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Today, I went out for a walk in the afternoon in the hopes of "raising my spirits" and "clearing my head" and all that other stuff walks are supposed to do, and instead got rained on for the most part, stood under a tiny overhang from a shop while two couples at two different points started arguing bitterly and loudly and that's why I wanted out of the house, universe! and waited for a bus which would not come because it doesn't run Sundays, until I took another one which took me sort of home. Remind me never to take an evening constitutional ever again.

Dad's got Dupuytren's contracture (or, more awesomely, "Viking disease"), which is where "the tough connective tissue within one's hand becomes abnormally thick which can cause the fingers to curl and can result in impaired function of the fingers, especially the small and ring fingers." He's looking into treatment and surgery options.

Now, there's no real known cause for this disease, although there's a lot of finger pointing, particularly at "trauma, diabetes, alcoholism, epilepsy therapy with phenytoin and liver disease." But the interesting thing is that 60-70% of those afflicted have a genetic predisposition to D's c. You know what this means, right? I am totally losing at the Genetic Roulette here. Where my genetics might hurt me. )

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* Bernard, Black Books 1x06
** I accidently deleted the original file when correcting a broken link, so gods only know what the actual number is, but I'm guessing it's the same as or higher than the ...Together mix, plus the eight downloaded after the fact.
*** Two are mine, because I was too lazy to dig out the CD-ROM where the novel's stored.
**** OMG!
***** Put this one up on Sendspace because Mediafire was being contrary. My guess is it's similar to Vol. 1.


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