Feb. 12th, 2011

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There's not much going on right now. I went to get my fiscal code on Friday, but they'd run out of numbers and had some computer trouble besides, so I left empty handed. I'm going to try again on Tuesday, because they're open in the afternoon on that day and you have to be there before they open if you want even the slimmest hope of being seen to.

Mom's in Spain as of Wednesday, so it's just Dad and me. I seem to get on better with my dad when my mom's not here, but even so, argh. Tomorrow we're going to a ballet - Swan Lake, methinks - and I've got to do all the things I meant to do today tomorrow because I'll be damned if I do them today. Which means German homework and CV rewrites and all that fun stuff, including the Fanfic which I stopped writing October 31st on account of Nano and haven't found the oompf to finish or even work on it yet.

Supernatural 6x13 "Unforgiven": Just three things... )

Supernatural: The Anime 1x01 "The Alter Ego": Read more... )

Mad Dogs 1x01: Read more... )

Quote of the Day: [livejournal.com profile] quizzicalsphinx, here
9.00: Store opens.
9.32.59: Lynette's period starts.

(An aside to the gentlemen. Imagine that there is an invisible midget following you around. This midget's duty is grap hold of your testicles and give them a good solid crushing wrench. Whenever this happens, it triggers a debilitating and instantaneous bout of bowel-busting diarrhoea that leaves you hunched over a toilet for ten minutes, clammy and groaning. Now imagine that every woman you told about this condition merely advised you to "work through it.")

Meme: Good Things:

Day 8: Mad Dogs with John Simm, and Philip Glenister! ...that was the sum total of The Really Good Things of the Day.
Day 9: I went out jogging! And exercised! And Supernatural whatwhat!

Links of the Day:
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* Dean Winchester, Supernatural 6x12 "Like a Virgin"


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