Sep. 17th, 2011

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It's been ages since I last wrote a proper post. Weeks, even. Hoenstly, there's not been all that much going on, and what has is either work-related or stuff I'd rather not remember. Read more... )

I read this post by Tumblr's crowleyismyco-pilot (who is awesome) on the why behind her love and adoration for all things Mark Sheppard (except possibly it wasn't this post but one like it or maybe I just can't remmeber things anymore), and has finally pushed me into writing about something I've been meaning to write about for a while. (Except, of course, I realize now that I've already written about it all here). Read more... )

In other, fannish, news:
- Ringer wins all the things, including my heart.
- Torchwood: Miracle Day was an excercise of meh-ness concluding in one final burst of "oh no you di'n't" (with a little bit of "Care Bear Stare saves the day, again" facepalming).
- Doctor Who's "The Girl Who Waited" broke my heart into a million little pieces.
- I'll be missing Supernatural's 7x01 next week, which means that a) I get to wait two more weeks until Ye Great Emotional Car Crash, b) I'll get to watch 7x01 and 7x02 back-to-back, and c) I'll be gone when the internet implodes. None of this is actually good.

Quote of the Day: [ profile] greygirlbeast, here
My head is all fire and fucking molten nails this morning. I am the Good Ship Righteous Fucking Indignation. My threshold for douchebags will stand at zero for the foreseeable future. We're talking hellfire-and-brimstone Old Testament shit. Today, I am the nastiest pirate ship that ever plowed the Seven, and we're out for blood, and there will be rape and pillaging and cities will burn, just because.

Links of the Day:
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* "Have You Heard" Thea Gilmore


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