Jul. 12th, 2011

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Sickle's Summary of Random Things:
  • I'm still on my Bufy the Vampire Slayer rewatch kick and keep discovering things. Like I was watching I Robot, You Jane (1x08, IMDB) and who should I see, all wee and mullet-less, but Chad Lindberg! By which I mean, Supernatural's Ash! And he's still a computer geek genius! \o/

  • I'm slowly getting the hang of socializing-through-coffee. Last week I had coffee with my supervisor's peer - the hierarchy details, they fail me - which was nice, and today I had coffee with someone I'd sent my CV a while back and we talked about other organizations that might be interesting, which was also nice.

  • Socializing-through-lunch seems to be a big thing, too. Last week I was pretty awesome at having lunch with people, and it's how I met a guy who thinks techno is the highest form of music ever made by man, which, okay, and how I learned that the cute I like talking to is nineteen which, um, ah. *backs away slowly*

  • I also had lunch with my supervisor, which was less of a socializing thing and more of an info-dump accompanied with my panicked internal monologue going, "I have no idea what you're talking about. You want me to do what? Do you want me to do that? Wait, what, that too? But the other thing, that is being done by someone else? But I'm going to do- WHAT IS GOING ON?!?" so that was intimidating.

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