Jun. 10th, 2011

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Remember how - if you waded through my sea of Tumblr links - there were some links about how there'd been some sort of plot against Misha Collins and fandom instantly went full-on GRR ARGH MAMA BEAR? And remember how I couldn't find out what the plot had been?

Yeah. It was this. Seriously, that is just mean. Are alright, "mean" doesn't even begin to cover what this is, but I'd probably burn through my keyboard if I tried to write all applicable words down. And I'd probably have an aneurism coming up with them all. I'm just sitting here shaking my head in horror and shame and disgust and THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE HOW I FEEL, OKAY?!?

Also, I made Fanart. Well, picspams. And macros. And "MUST. EXPRESS. FEELINGS." fanart-picspam-quote-meta-man-ape-gone-wrong thing. There's Supernatural, Doctor Who, Stonehenge Apocalypse and Firefly, some of them all mixed up like a Turkey stuffing. Read more... )

Quote of the Day: Christpher Paolini, Brisingr (As much as it pains me to quote him and his series - and by gods, it pains me. It's on par with quoting Stephanie Myer for me.)
Perhaps no one religion contains all of the truth of the world. Perhaps every religion contains fragments of the truth,and it is our responsibility to identify those fragments and piece them together.

Links of the Day:
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* Jacob Glaser, Stonehenge Apocalypse


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