Mar. 19th, 2011

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Today was a crap day. Nothing was done, not a shit was given, and woe was had. My head still hurts from sorta-not crying on my have-to-get-out walk.

And my mom needs to learn that saying on Monday that there's "a Quebecois film she wants to watch" and on Wednesday that "it's on Satursday at nine" and on Saturday that "she's going to watch a movie" does not mean that she's making plans with me to watch a movie today at 9 pm. You actually have to say the words that mean, "let's go watch [movie] [date] at [time]." You can't have plans with people if you don't make them.

In other news, this is why I still haven't watched Paranormal Activity 2, as told by ambrina on Tumblr. I really want to watch it, and it's right there, watchable, but just the thought makes me burrow into my blankets. It's the poltergeist thing, especially with the bed sheets. That's the kind of thing that freaks me out. (See also: the possession scene in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.)

Meme: 30-Day Fandom vs. Personal Meme:

Once again, I forget things for previous answers to this meme. For Day 4, I forgot to add Modern Family's Phil Dunphy and Medium's Joe Dubois, both normal, wonderful husbands.

Day 5: When your friend is mad, which character do they remind you of?

I have no idea - or have forgotten - what my friends are like when they're mad. And anyway, no one person is angry in one single way. It depends on the circumstances. There's frustrated-mad, hurt-mad, jealous-mad, confused-mad, I-love-you-but-mad, and so on. Read more... )

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* Marya Hornbache, Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia


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