Feb. 21st, 2011

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Sickle's Brief Review of The Crazies:
  • I loved this movie. Loved loved loved it. It had heart, it had gore, it had the real sort of horror and the movie horror, it had action, and it flowed. Also, what's not to love about what is basically a zombie movie?

  • What I mean about the "real sort of horror" is that there's a lot of scenes - and implied scenes - of people doing absolutely horrific things. Spoilers )

  • That said, the "movie horror" is very well done too. The scares and traps and jumps are good, and the slight paranoia that starts halfway through is a nice touch, although it never really takes flight. The deaths are good and showy, the gore is bloody (and at one point a bit too gorey for my tastes - mild spoiler )). Most characters didn't to ridiculously stupid endangerment things, and I actually cared about them, even if just because they'd managed to not die by the slimmest of margins.

  • There's a few snags in the backdrop storyline spoilers )

Meme: Good Things:

Day 18: I bought a Kinder Surprise egg and had a nice chat on the trip home from German with Girl Who's Name I Can't Remember and Obviously Can't Ask Now, who is rapidly becoming the nearest thing to a friend my age in this city that I have. It's strange, and been a while, but also nice because we get along and there's banter and mutual encouragement.

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* The Crazies


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