Jan. 27th, 2011

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Because Sickle Is Incapable of Well-Linked Prose
  • There’s a couple reasons why I haven’t been posting much lately. Read more... )

  • Week 2 in German went by better. Read more... )

  • The Italians love their sciopero. Case in point: the full-day total public transportation strike this Wednesday. Read more... )

  • I’ve been having crazy strange anxiety all day, and possibly yesterday. Read more... )

  • These past two weeks has been rough Read more... )

  • On the plus side, my dreams are apparently on my side for once in my life. I keep having dreams where horrible things could happen but don’t. Read more... )

  • Despite the wonderful achievement of the fanmixes, I’ve yet to pimp them out to [livejournal.com profile] fanmix. I don’t even know why, I just haven’t gotten around to it. And I’m so proud of them too :/

  • Yesterday at the Goethe, instead of trying to finish Louisiana Hoodoo, I tried thinking out and plotting a bit the vague idea or world or something I’ve been having about The Last Wild Angel. Read more... )

  • I finally started screencapping the remake of Friday the 13th with Jared Padalecki in the hopes of eventually, someday, snarking at it. I've only done 10 minutes worth, but at least it's something.

  • I only just learnt that Andy Hallett’s died. This is quite upsetting and sad.

  • I finally watched Castle 3x13 - and by the way, where the hell were all my shows last week? And where’s Human Target this week? - and it was heavier on the Drama than the Squeeful Comedy but holy peaches yo, it was good. Then later with Mom we watched 2x13 on the television, which basically is the direct set-up for 3x13, and having the two fresh in my mind was wonderful. I was even quite tickled to notice that when Beckett’s taken off the case in 3x13 and leaves in a troubled huff, sliging her jacket over her shoulder as Castle shouts, “Beckett! Kate!”, the same exact thing happens in 2x13. Le squee. (I’m just praying it was deliberate and not a reusing of ideas.)

  • Links of the Day:
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    Human Target: Read more... )
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    Multifandom: Read more... )
    Random: Read more... )

    * "Grace Cathedral Hill", The Decemberists


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