Sep. 4th, 2011

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I'm still in my "watch all the Mark Sheppard things!" mode. I've followed Mark into some amazing new shows - Leverage and White Collar and Battlestar Galactica - and into some watchable ones - Warehouse 13 and Chuck, for example. Then there's Bionic Woman and Middle Man, which I plowed through out of sheer devotion to Mark's minor character. Oh, Mark...

Right now, I'm watching 24 and I almost wish I were watching Middle Man. At least that one was amusing. For one, it doesn't help that this is totally not my style of show. There's no fantasy and no science, so that's me clutching at staws to find something I can invest in. I'm shit out of luck doing that with Mark's character because the first episode he's in, he's hunkered down in a crowd, head in his hands. The second one, he's got tiny scenes of sitting in a car. (Sitting well and lovely, but still.) Right now I'm hanging onto Grey's Anatomy's Teddy and The Lord of the Rings Sam to get me through. That and the awesome character Chloe O'Brian.

But I can handle that, no problem. What I cannot handle is how the male characters are responding to and treating two female characters. Read more... )

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