Aug. 21st, 2011

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Sickle's Random Tid-Bits:
  • I finally watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica, which I've been meaning to watch in full for ages. Obviously it was a Mark Sheppard episode - 3x18, "The Son Also Rises" - and he was basically the reason I watched it. And, it turns out, the only reason I liked it.

    Sure, I was jumping smack in the middle of the third season with only a basic knowledge of the whole series' storyline, but I didn't enjoy it because I got lost. And it wasn't because I didn't feel for the characters, because I did, for some, even without knowing their life history. I don't know, I think it was just all the politics and intrigue and all that type of happenings that made me not like it, because I've figured out that that is just not my genre. Thrillers and spies and politics - even if they are in space! - just isn't my thing.

    But that said, it really is a good show. Good pacing, good look, excellent writing. And by that I mean I absolutely adored all of Romo Lampkin [Mark Sheppard]'s speeches. His character had a slight Irish lilt to it, which was charming once I actually figured out what accent it was I was hearing - because previous to that I was just all ears going, "What? What accent is that? Where is that from? Is that, what?"

    I actually had to extract some of his speeches and made them into MP3s (wanna listen?) because I just loved them so much. Mark, damnit, do audiobooks.

    So in sum, I'll be watching more BSG, but only the kind with Mark Sheppard in it, until and if I get hooked on it and want to watch the whole thing.

    Oh, and on a completely different not, the president? Couldn't keep her apart from Doctor Who's Sarah Jane Smith in my head. I'm okay with that.

  • The newspaper did an article on prostitution zones in Rome, and so I learned that there are two zones in my neighbourhood. There's seven women right around our place - which doesn't surprise me, as I knew of five and actually walk by their hang-out place which is a little park every day to and from work - and some twenty-one a bit farther away - coincidently, where one night my mother and I were walking and were called at from a car and we knew they'd mistaken us for prostitutes. So that makes almost thirty prostitutes right in my area. Huh.

  • One of my co-workers, who's camping out at a friend's place until he can find one of his own, got robbed. In his apartment. At night. While he was sleeping. Someone ninjaed in through an open second-story window and took his friend's TV, his iPhone and wallet. Apart from being freaked the fuck out over someone being in his house while he's sleeping, he didn't have a dime on him. He went to his folk's for the weekend, to recover a bit until he could move in to his new place. The worst thing? This is totally not an unheard of or even uncommon thing in Rome.

  • I just realized today that it's going to be ten years since I graduated from highschool and started university, and I've got a friend who's at that stage right now. (The best thing? We're both like, "What age difference?") Ah, squishy ♥ And since it's that season, there's a few Tumblr things about starting university which mean a lot because I can remeber it all happening, and because I'm seeing it happening to my squishy. So this.

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Quote of the Day: Sneebs
It's better to belong where you don't belong than not to belong where you used to belong, remembering when you used to belong there.

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