Aug. 3rd, 2011

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I'm currently watching Leverage (or rather, Mark Sheppard's episodes of) and the fandoms are bleeding together again. For one, Mark, who's in everything, so that's expected. Well, his suprise Mandarin wasn't, and oh it made me so happy to hear him speak in Mandarin. (Oh, Badger!). Then there's Angel's Lindsay (whose long hair has to go) and Supernatural's Jake (my favourite, by far). Speaking of Lindsay and Jake (and no, I don't know their Leverage names), they're my bro-OTP for the show. Seriously, they're like Ryan and Esposito! D'aw!

Alright, so I was going to flail about Misha's stint on Ghostfacers which was hilarious and unfilicious but my flailing is now of a different kind because all the links are gone. GIF reaction )

In other news, this fanart crossover of mine has 177 notes. *flails* Ahem. *more flailing* See, I love this about Tumblr. I don't need to pimp out my stuff - just tag it - and people like and reblog, whereas on Livejournal I'd have to pimp out on a number of communities - feeling like I'm spamming everywhere - and gods only know when the last time I got a pingback was... So yays Tumblr!

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