Feb. 6th, 2011

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This week seems to be the week of Good and Rarely-Had Food, considering yesterday's the chocolate mousse, huevos rancheros (fried eggs and fried corn flour tortillas? Heaven!) Plus, Dad brought home tamales this week because his office got together and ordered some made. I haven't had tamales since what was probably the last century, and these were alright. What I really miss from Mexico - apart from the deliscious sandwiches they made at my school shop and Pelón Pelo Rico - are falutas. Oh gods, what I wouldn't do for one of those... Today we continued the food trend with roast lamb, which is something we'd usually have in the summers in Spain and I'd wait for every year. Wee little lamb ribs are so deliscious! I don't care how cute they are!

In other - more international - news, Egypt is happening. In the more personal - potentially selfish - news version of this, because Egypt is happening, and other countries are also happening, the project I was working on - that job I had - has been cancelled. I'm going to get paid for January, but that's it. Back to the dead-end internship. *tries to kick self in the pants and get a move on with the job hunt* *fails miserably*

Yesterday I watched my first ever episode of Private Practice. I'd been seeing the promo for the episode all week for 4x7 and thought, well damn, that much drama has to be seen. I was a bit sad to see that Tim Daly wasn't as astoundingly hot as I remembered him from the Grey's Anatomy episodes 3x22-23 (but then, it's been 3 years). I mean, look at this sexy thing! embeded )

Well, the episode was good and dramatic and all that jazz but I stopped caring for a good long while because all I could do was flail and point and squee things that sounded like "Nicholas Brendon!" and "Xander!" Oh, it was so good to see him on the screen again! I haven't seen Nicholas in anything since Buffy ended, and it was so strange to see him even more grown up - where those grey hairs?!? Plus, it was absolutely delicious to see him be evil. I had a massive crush on Xander in early Buffy (well, until Angel swept me off my feet with the brooding angst). It was 1x06 The Pack that really kick-started the mad squee. (Even though it also peeved me the hell off because hyena packs are matriarchies and the males run away in terror from the females.) Even way back in 1997, I had a thing for lanky evil guys. Just look at the sexy! embeded )

Curious Sickle Fact: I always thought Nicholas Brendon looked a lot like Raine Maida (of the band Our Lady Peace), although this might have been influenced by my learning of the two's existence at the same time. However, the best evidence I can offer: Read more... )

Meme: 80 Questions via [livejournal.com profile] ginnith: Read more... )

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* Larissa, in Sandman #65: "The Kindly Ones:9", by Neil Gaiman
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I woke up barely on the right side of am today, on account of going to sleep around 3 am last night, on account of that unending meme followed by Grey's Anatomy. (Can I just say, I love Mark and Cally. I don't care whether they're just friends or lovers or raising children together, I love how they were together and what they mean to each other. Excuse me while I covet that sort of relationship.)

When my parents got back this morning from walking around on the beach - a fact I wasn't aware of until they came back, of course, which made me feel loved and oh hai sarcasm - I wasn't the most chipper of things. Then, well, my parents got back, which made the value of the chipperness fall quite a bit more, on account of them - or rather, mom - feeling that I shouldn't participate in family events because I shouldn't be living here anyway and should actually have my own life. Then we're having lunch and the radio decides it hates me and wants to tear my heart into little pieces, because it plays the following three songs: Life by Erykah Badu, Life for Rent by Dido, and Home by Michael Bublé. No cookie for you, radio.

On the plus side, I Did Things today. Granted, those things took a tiny part of the morning and I've done jack squat since then, but still, things were accomplished. Not things I need accomplished (CV rewrite!), or even want (fanfic!), but Things, y'know? They were such small things as cleaning my room - or the floor, at least - and sowing a gaping tear in my purse lining, but they were Things.

Meme: Good Things:

Day 2: Roast lamb, Supernatural and Grey's Anatomy. That was good.
Day 3 The doing of things. That was also good. Also, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl 4x01.

I have a feeling this meme isn't going to shine very much.

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* "Lullaby", Sia


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