Jan. 28th, 2011

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Castle's 2x13 and 3x13 can basically be watched back-to-back as they both deal with the mystery behind Kate Beckett's mother's murder. It seems like the case is very much an onion, with each episode that focuses on it peeling back a new layer of conspiracy and puppettery.

Both episodes also have specific similarities, but the greatest one is the scene where Beckett goes off the case. In 2x13, she goes off voluntarily, while in 3x13 she's kicked off, but in both cases she storms out of Captain Montgomery's office and ignore's Castle's worried call of, "Beckett?" Instead, she yanks her jacket off her chair, flings it over her shoulder, and walks out on Castle's even more worried, "Kate?"

Watching these scenes back-to-back gave me a huge case of déjà vu. While not all of the scene's shots are the same - camera angles differ, especially at the beginning - the treatment of Kate's walk-out is eerily similar. If this is a deliberate choice - especially considering how one episode is basically a continuation of the other - then my hat's off to the directors and producers involved. Also note how both are titled on the similar fight theme: Sucker Punch and Knockdown.

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And by the way, Knockdown had a much more serious tone than is usual for Castle, and it had a few exchanges that left me scrambling for a pen and declaring my undying love for the Ryan&Esposito duo. So allow me to share a few of those quotes - one of Castle and his mother, a few others of Ryan and Esposito being awesome. Spoilers apply, of course. Read more... )

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