Jul. 2nd, 2011

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I still haven't even peeked at my flist or other Tumblrs save for Eastcollins', 'cause I was trying to catch up on the lost week of "omg soulfisting's gone!", so have some links before my WordPad explodes.

In other news, I had lunch with the intern and volunteer group today \o/ I also walked over 4 hours straight this afternoon, going at a crazy pace - listening to "Marching On" all the while - and bought sandals. And now my knees ache like they're being crushed under a sofa bearing a hippo and a rhino going at it. Yays.

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* "Marching On", One Republic
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Went out with my mom and dad today in the afternoon with a mission: to buy shoes. (We've got this thing where if we pay more than N on a single receipt, we get tax exception. The "pay more than N" thing is new and unusual and wasn't a requirement in other countries. What can you do?) And lo and behold! Shoes were had! Two pairs! This is like a miracle with a cherry on top. So I can has shoes.

Then we had ice cream and how sad is your fruit when the melon ice cream is better than your morning's melon? I'm not going to complain much, though, 'cause we've been snarfing down mangoes like crazy and they've been delicious and straight from Pakistan, sold by Pakistanis over near what we all call "the ethnic market" but has an actual name. Sadly, though, mangoes season is over until around September. Curse my undying desire for tropical fruit!

Then there was a bra shopping - I'd been wanting a summer-appropriate bra for a while, and we happened upon a yarn-and-thread-and-socks-and-bras-and-pijamas-and-so-on shop, which has a name in Spanish and Italian and I'm damned 'cause I can't remember it at all, and what do you know, bras were purchased! In fact, the same style bra as the shop lady - who'd been having a cigarette break - was wearing, and the same brand as I myself was wearing (and it was pretty awesome that the lady knew which model it was just from my bra strap), which is the same brand that makes my mom squee because it is just that good. (Said brand is Simone Perele, by the by.)

Tomorrow we're going to Anguillara which we've technically already seen, although that was a raining-heavily, try-and-make-out-the-lake day where we arrived, had a cuppa, and left. But tomorrow's going to be splendid, 'cause we're having lunch with my ex-superivser - the really awesome one from my internship volunteer thing. \o/

I've also caught up on the flist. I still have a load of SPN tabs open, but hey, something's something. There's still this week's supply of Tumblr to wade through... Damn it, Internet! Why you so full of stuff?

Quote of the Day: Brown Bird
Every day is like a war between the will to go on, / And a wish the earth would spiral into the sun.

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