Jun. 30th, 2011

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I'm (still) not dead! Days are just too short, so that's why there's been no posting as of late. In related not-dead news, I haven't looked at LJ the whole week, which means the LotD-gathering will be epic this weekend. (And by epic I mean terrifying.) Or hell, I might just give up on that. (I won't, of course, because I'm freakish like that.)

Reasons for the lack of using the little free time I've got include my taking up running again, and then there's the melting-in-the-Roman-heat to be done, and the recovering-from-mental-exhaustion too. I've been a bit self-defeatist - if that's the word - lately, in that I've had lunch alone thrice in a row. Mainly because I can't sum up the energy to go "Yay! Socializing!" but also because there's the looking for a semi-familiar face in a sea of strangers, which entails a good long while of standing-around-like-an-idiot-looking-for-someone-you-semi-know. So yeah, haven't been pushing myself in that lately.

In other, other news? TRUE BLOOD IS BACK WHOOHOO!

And now, sleep.

* Willow, BtVS


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