Mar. 5th, 2011

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I've been watching quite a bit of John Simm things recently, by which I mean two, really. There's Mad Dogs, which just finished its first season's four-episode run. I really liked it, mainly because it was two of my favorite actors and two other actors I rather like either parading about shirtless or panicking over corpses. Either way, I'm good. Also, it's John Simm, people. (I also love you, Philip Glenister!)

The other Simm thing I'm watching is Sex Traffic which is very much making me go D: because it's, well, about the sex traffic business, showing two women trapped into prostitution by false promises of being taken to London. It doesn't skimp on the depiction of the horrid treatment, either. Makes my having watched The Secret Diary of a Call Girl yesterday bizarre in comparison.

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Meme: Good Things:
Day 30: ...I watched some episodes of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. That's as good as it's gotten. And hey! Meme's over! Now we can go back to ignoring all scraps of optimism!

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