Mar. 3rd, 2011

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...gnah. Playing catch-up is just down-right cruel. Since I'm all maxed-out and couldn't string together a sentence even if you hamsters on a flying saucer would be wicked cool I'm going to aerodynamic bumblebees don't exist just leave the Links of the Day here along with some there should be a name for the fear of snapping your neck memes and other things of the day.

Oh, and Supernatural's "The French Mistake" was brilliant and hilarious and had second-hand embarrassment and why didn't I like Misha in it?!? That's as coherent as I can be for now.

Also, why didn't anyone tell me that Misfits was all up in the science fiction and fantasy and people with ~*powers*~ zone? That's my cup of tea!

Also also? Brain won't write, but damn will it come up with images I can't bloody draw.

Meme: What colour is your rainbow?: Read more... )

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Meme: Good Things:
Day 22: Palermo & crostata! & the best candied orange slice I've ever had!
Day 23: Palermo & Manuale d'amore 3!
Day 24: Palermo & cannoli!
Day 25: Supernatural made me LOL for real :D
Day 26: The sister of a friend of my mother's said there was an opening at her company, so I spoke to her and sent her my CV.
Day 27: I sent out 4 CVs!
Day 28: I sent out 10 CVs!

Quote of the Day: [ profile] emerald_embers, here
Holding a small furry animal close to your chest is the closest to being God you will ever get. I love it.

and here
Today a customer casually chatted to me about his boyfriend while we were fixing his broadband fault. Earlier this week another customer mentioned that her girlfriend's computer was connecting fine though her own wasn't.

As a society we still have a lot of improvements to make, but the fact that there are people who feel safe enough mentioning their same sex relationships in conversation with a complete stranger means that there's no doubt about it, there have been improvements since I was a kid. And that's a good, comforting sign, even if those improvements are taking more time than they should <3.

Video of the Day: Rammstein music video (with cartoons) XD Read more... )

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
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* Kin Hubbard


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