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So guess who I met yesterday?

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Supernatural, "The Mentalist" (7x07):

This was very Season 1. It was so Season 1 it hurt. Episodes should only be this light, bookendning a self-contained story with minor character development, when they're in their first season and trying to build a rapport with the audience, who might be watching for the Monster or Case of the Week instead of the characters, because they haven't been able to develop a history with them yet. But this is something you build on and move on from, not something you want. Take Persons of Interest: they're doing the same thing, doing Case of the Week with minor character development because we don't know the characters yet, so unless you want expositionexpositionexposition, then you've got to dose it out. But here? Gah. I am too annoyed to be coherent. It just felt to bland and empty and superficial. Oh, don't get me wrong, it was an A+ monster-of-the-week Season 1 episode, but damnit, this is season seven. It should not feel like season 1.

Also, what are they doing with Dean? Dean, what the fuck? Seriously, I might not even bake you a pie anymore. Ever. Basically, what Soulfisting said:
soulfisting - Because it’s frustrating as hell when a character you used to like is being written in a way you dislike, thus making you punch him in the crotch.

So have some mini-letters written to the boys:
Dear Dean Winchester,

"Ever since Cas, I've had a hard time trusting anybody."

For that, I take my hug back.


Someone who can't help but love you, even when you're being an incredible ass.


Dear Sam Winchester,

I love your righteous anger. I kinda wish you'd held on to it more.

Still, love you. Here, have all the love I had for your brother, too. Take all the love I had for Cas, too, because it's just bringing me pain, rolling around with nothing to hug. (But that bit of love right there? Hands off: that's for Crowley.)


Someone who needs you to talk to your brother. (Or at least not let him drive drunk.)

Castle, "Heartbreak Hotel" (4x07): KISS THE BOY, DAMNIT!

Ringer, "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?" (1x07): The last scene made me aslkjalkgf so hard. CONSPIRACY EVERYWHERE! TRUST NO ONE! ...I love this show. Not enough Nestor, though.

ETA: IMPENDING MISHA! So excited to soon see him on the show!

Person of Interest, "Witness" (1x07):: I still don't care for the show all that much. Reese is pretty to look at and and I love his voice, Mr Finch's backstory sounds fascinating but why aren't we learning about it?!?. Mainly, though, I spent the whole episode going "Enver! It's Enver! Enver Gjokaj!" and "Is that the guy from Just Shoot Me?"

In other news, have about a month's worth of links! Because I need to go back to writing. Please note that the Tumblr-links are being thinned out unless truly fantastic because if not there would be thousands of links. If you absolutely need a LotD for Tumblr, go follow my dash.

Links of the Day:
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Doctor Who:
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* Jane Goodall
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