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I'm slowly working my way through my WIPs. For example, I finally installed a video editing programme which is better than Windows Movie Maker and, hopefully, will not freeze everytime I look at it. The installation went by without a hitch, but now there's the problem that I have no idea how to use it. Instantly intuitive, it is not. For the moment, I'm going to stick with WMM because I finally have the omgworkonfanvideeee bug back, but I will, eventually, learn how to use the new programme. Once that's utterly dominated, I will be able to make a wee dent in my gigantic To-Do fanvid list. So while no progress was actually made, I've re-re-replanned out the last few verses and who knows, I might actually work on a line sometime this week. I will finish that bastard even if it's on my 90th birthday!

The muse for the written word continues to be MIA, but I'm making good progress on the screencapping-and-snarking project for Friday 13th. Yay progress! (Well, progress is easy when all you do is resize and adjust contrast, but still.)

What I have accomplished, however, is watching a lot of television and film. For example, I watched all of Dharma and Greg's season 2, and now I'm whipping thrugh Grandma's House because Simon Amstell is adorable and that's pretty all that passes through my head as I watch it. Oh, Simon, listen to your mum! Get back on Nevermind the Buzzcocks!

Also watched was Waitress which was very good, a bit sad, had VERY GOOD PIE OMG, and was completely misrepresented by the trailer. (Light romantic comedy my ass!) It's made quite a bit sadder by the fact that the director, writer and co-star was murdered shortly after.

Oh, and I finally got paid for the Actual Proper Work I did in January. I has bling! ...I has no plans for said bling.

Meme: 30-Day Fandom vs. Personal Meme:

Day 6: Character that you feel would not get along with you in reality, whatsoever.

Probably Misfit's Nathan, which is rather a shame because from a distance, he's amusing. Up-close, though, ouch, boy, the things you say. I mean, I'd still like him, but I couldn't hang out with him.

Day 7: Character that you know must be good in bed, even if you wouldn’t sleep with them.

Supernatural's Dean. And yes, yes I would.
True Blood's Jason. And oh yeah.
Secret Diary of a Call Girl's "Belle" (or Hannah). And yes please.
Torchwood's Jack. And hell, why not?

8. Character that is technically attractive, but you just can’t bring yourself to be attracted to them.
9. Which character would you set upon your worst enemy?
10. From any mixture of fandoms, pick your favourite overall character, your favourite villain, and a character you wish would have stayed longer. Now, fuck, marry or kill them.
11. What character is your closest hair twin?
12. Which character would you want to help plan your wedding?
13. Form of transportation from a fandom that you wish you had yourself.
14. Fandom home you wish you lived in yourself.
15. Fandom location you’d most like to visit, even though you couldn’t meet the characters.
16. Character you’d most like to steal underwear from.
17. Character you would never put your close friend in a room with, unless they had done something to make you really hate them.
18. Character you most think would make a great parent (father if you are female, mother if you are male).
19. Listen to the last ballad you remember hearing. Which character does it most remind you of?
20. Pick three favourite characters, each of them spearing currently in a different fandom. One of them has to be killed off from the current fandom you like them in, one of them has to become the star of their fandom, and the other has to be written out completely to never have appeared at all. You decide.
21. Character you’d most like to be for a day.
22. Which character do you think your close friend most looks like?
23. Fandom you wish you could tear down and rebuild from the ground up (recast, change plot etc)
24. Choose your favourite kind of pet. What character most reminds you of that animal?
25. Your stranded on a desert island. Which group of friends from any fandom do you think would be the best to be stuck with?
26. If you had a serious problem, which character would you go to and tell about it?
27. Which character would you trust completely to save you from a tragic fate?
28. Character you think smells yummy, and what do they smell of?
29. One of your favourite pastimes, and which character do you think would enjoy it the most?
30. You get to either have the powers of any character from a fandom, have their looks, or have them be a real person and become your lover. Which/who do you choose?

Links of the Day:
[ profile] ashdoode's Fanvid I'm Coming Home
[ profile] secretlytodream's Fanvid I'm Becoming Untouchable (Sam)
OMalleysAnatomy26's Fanvid Requiem for a Dream
Nikkisg1's Fanvid Hallelujah
Sunnshiine2's Fanvid Hallelujah
Buckets O' Crazy - Blog about "about everything that is fun, silly, stupid, weird, unusual, supernatural or strange." Archive active, new website not running.

Jackimals - Jack's face 'shopped onto animals. Hilarity ensues.

YouTube's Season 2 DVD Extras Promo ; Behind the Scenes, 1x02 (Dancing) ; Cast Interview

Other Fandom:
YouTube's Interview with Anthony Stewart Head and James Marsters - Apart from the interviewer being a jerk to fans (geeks and losers? seriously?), it's nice.

PopMatters' Spotlight: Joss Whedon - Various essays on all his shows.

Japan's Helicopter view of tsunami wave approaching coast ; Tsunami hits port town ; >a href="">Town after the water receded
YouTube's Hugs With Lions - Man hugged and surrounded by lions!
BBC's Human Planet trailer

* Oscar Wilde
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