Oct. 18th, 2011

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I had every intention of making a post today - well, a proper one, this one doesn't count - but since today's been crap, that plan's been scrapped. Besides, I haven't done much today: went to work, was cold, put subtitles on a documentary all day, Tumblred, was bored, was even more cold, had lunch with people (even through I was a social-anxiety-cat all the way and besides, no one talked to me, not really), was attacked by dodos (i.e. massive wibbles for no reason), was cold, went home, went to the park to knit (for some strange reason), went home again, was even more cold, obsessively organized my hundreds of GIFs into fandom folders (because' I'm that kind of crazy), wrote this crap.

And now, The Walking Dead! And hopefully my fingers and toes will stop aching in my barely-nineteen-degrees room with a goddamn breeze. I am so cold.

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* Game of Thrones, just about everyone


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