Oct. 4th, 2011

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Hello, dolls! I'm back, although Ye Great Retelling of my vacation will have to wait until I go through the hundreds of photos and all that fun stuff. Short version is I went to Vienna, Prague and Budapest and it was glorious \o/

As a result of all that, though, I'm now a bit swamped in all my projects and behind on all things fandom, although as you can tell from the LotD, I'm trying to catch up.

At work today I came across two articles which were upsetting for a number of reasons. Background information for the amnesiacs and newcomers: I spent four months tracking lions in Amboseli, namely five radio-and-GPS-collared ones, which means that for four months I saw them nearly every day and learned about their lives and prides and then analyzed the shit out of everything. Read more... )

Links of the Day:
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* "Old Mary", The Dead Weather
** I can only hope someone's thought to use my ID database, which is a whole new can of upset worms.


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