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Title: J'adoube
Summary: A little moment between Erik and Charles' after Raven's failed seduction of Erik.
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
A/N: Because of - and for - [livejournal.com profile] seschat. Title is a chess term, French for "I adjust", whereby a player announces his intention to adjust the position of a piece on the board without being subject to the touched piece rule. Read more... )
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Title: Promises and Pie Crusts
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: Watching the boys grow up from the other side of the counter. Read more... )
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Sweet monkies onna vine! My Special Hell Fanart is making the rounds on Tumblr \o/ People like! *dances*

Also, I wrote fics. Plural. X-Men: First Class's J'aboude and Supernatural's Promises and Pie Crusts. Crossposting will happen - eventually - at least for the Sueprnatural one. I'm just as shocked as y'all are that I actually finished something. Now, there's that fic I've got dying on my harddrive since last October...

Now, excuse me, I have to look through every Mark Sheppard tumblr thing ever. NOW. Ngh.

Meme: X Men: First Class Read more... )

Meme: 30-Day Original Story Development Challenge Day 7 )

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* Mark Sheppard


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