Jun. 22nd, 2011

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One of the neighbours is playing Billie Holiday and I can hear it almost perfectly thanks to the acoustics of the back of the apartment. It's lovely: a hot summer afternoon, the wails of a trumpet, and Billie. ♥

I meant to watch X-Men: The Last Stand last weekend but was blocked by Italy. Yes, that's right. The entire country prevented me from watching the movie. Why? Dubbing. The film was in nigh every cinema in the city, and they were all dubbed. It takes less time to put up subtitles than it does to dub, and with the international and tourist audience - plus lanaguage purists - there's definitely a market for it. But nooooo. The one cinema that plays original language films - in all of its two halls - is stil behind the times. Alas, no gay-subtext for me :(

I've also been thinking quite a bit about my Nanowrimos, trying to find the overall theme or arc or something for all the little images in my head. So far, no luck, but more ideas nonetheless. I keep meaning to write them down here but OMG LOOK AT THE TIME. Ahem.

Songs of the Day: "Ma che discorsi", Daneile Silvestri & "Song to the Siren", This Mortal Coil (which makes me think of Chip/Steve and my heart goes D: ) Read more... )

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