Jun. 7th, 2011

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I did a picspam of Mal's recent-past scenes in Firefly's "Out of Gas". (Of course I did, it's 3 am!) It's nothing artsy - I just wanted to get the images and the story down, just as a quick "this is what happened" and "this is what it looked like" to accompany my All Things Copper fic. Obviously, there are massive spoilers. )

It's my favourite - well, of two - episode of Firefly. That is to say, I love this one because it breaks my heart (oh come on, you listen to Nathan's little whines of pain without crying), whereas I love Jaynestown because it is hi-larious. (Well, right until Jayne breaks my heart too.)

I've been on a Firefly rewatch binge, on account of my editing old Firefly stories. I'd forgotten how much I liked Jayne. (For entirely shallow reasons, sure, but they're such good reasons.)

I also recently watched the trailer for Mark Sheppard's new movie (and Sheppard senior too!) and was struck by a curious similarity. Well, alright, not so much similarity as "Oh look, he's behind a desk and being awesome! Oh look, here too!" If any man could swagger whilst sitting behind a desk, Mark is it. Shame I can't remember if we've ever seen Crowley sitting behind a desk. We didn't with Canton. Oh well, here is Mark Sheppard, sitting behind a desk in 2002 and 2011. Enjoy. )

Video of the Day: Supernatural/Doctor Who Fanvid "We Got the Love" by MissLyraGW - SuperWho FTW! I have no words for how happy this makes me :D Read more... )

* Jayne, Firefly


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