Apr. 30th, 2011

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Yesterday as an exercise in futility. Mom and I had planned to go to a free film showing in Villa Borghese, but when we arrived, there was a giant crowd outside and everyone was confused. Read more... )

In other news, this weekend I'm most looking forward to seeing more of Canton on Doctor Who, which explains why I had a dream in which I asked Mark Sheppard if he was in more than two episodes in Doctor Who. (He said "yes" and I said "Yes!".) Then we saw leopards and cheetahs in the bushes at night before the local Big Man with his machetes came to force the village to play a manual-dexterity game, in which the losers lost a finger - ETA: And by "lost" I mean "had chopped off with a machete" - and then I took over the gang and set things right. My dreams, they are strange.

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* Portal 2
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Sickle's Brief Review of Supernatural's "Mummy Dearest", 6x19: Read more... )

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* Dean, Supernatural 6x19


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