Apr. 28th, 2011

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I went running today instead of to the movies with mom today, because she's been having tachycardia since last this morning, and that not even two weeks since the last time she had it. So, not good.

Not much other news, apart from ye gods am I getting tired of writing up Links of the Day - mainly because I don't have time to even check the links out myself for more than a skim. Yeah, y'all think I read all the fics I list? No, alas, there's not enough time for that. In terms of fic, the LotD is more my wish list than my done list. (And trust me, those lists are real. Not just that, but I've got a document saved, called "Fics to Read". So I mean it when I say I want to read these things.) It makes me sad that I can't read all the fics I list. But then, there's a reason it's the links of the day and not the recommendations of the day. It's just a daily bookmark.

It's just that with pingback I've been getting the occasional "wee! thanks for reccing me!" which, well, okay, it's sort of what I've done, you're welcome, I'm just spreading the word, but then sometimes it's with the added "I hope you liked it" or similar and then I get all guilty if I haven't read the fic. So yeah.

Basically, the LotD is me closing tabs of things I would really like to have the time to delve into deeper, or tabs of things I thought were cool, or interesting, or that other people might be interested in, or whatever. The small text is a sure sign, though.

And now you know. And hopefully I can stop feeling guilty about it.

Meme: 30-Day Fandom vs. Personal Meme:

Day 29: One of your favourite pastimes, and which character do you think would enjoy it the most?

Currently it's editing a video, so I guess Misfits's Simon would like it, seeing as he does it himself.

Day 30: You get to either have the powers of any character from a fandom, have their looks, or have them be a real person and become your lover. Which/who do you choose?

Oh, like picking which option of these should be a contest? Would you rather do awesome stuff, be pretty, or have a good lay? Hmmm... *le sarcasm*

So, powers. Obviously. And, just as obviously, True Blood's Sam's shapeshifting abilities. Because it's only been my wish to have that power since like, the womb.

Links of the Day:
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* Daria Morgendorffer, The Whole truth by Galen Hardesty


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