Apr. 22nd, 2011

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I haven't been posting lately, I know. Part of that is because of the late evenings out I've been having - movies, concerts, and so on - and part of that is because I've been editing a fanvid like I've been breathing, and since Windows Movie Maker eats WordPad if they so much as look at each other, writing up Links of the Day hasn't been getting done, which means I feel like I can't post unless there's something I really want to say. So here I am, trying to get back on the posting horse.

Today mom and I went to watch Habemus Papam which was supposed a comedy, but is only one during the scenes not dealing with the main character. It's about a cardinal who gets elected as pop and he really doesn't feel like he's up to the task, and goes into a depression and eventually runs away from the Vatican before he's announced as pope. So very sad to see the man struggle with a role that's been placed on his shoulders, and the acotr - Michel Piccoli - is amazing. And he has the most wonderful, loving, grandfatherly-popely smile. (Oh, and IMDB's synopsis is a lie, because it so is not centered around the relationship between the pope and his therapist. That lasts a single audience. The King's Speech this is not. It's one man, alone, trying to figure out what to do and being scared to death of what he's asked to do.)

I'm really excited about this weekend because it will involve Easter chocolate, Supernatural, and Doctor Who. Stetsons, here we come!

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* Dean Winchester, Supernatural


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