Apr. 13th, 2011

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Interview went alright, except for the fact that it wasn't about an internship but rather a volunteership, which has a nasty clause of your not being able to work for Organization for a period of 6 months after your volunteership, which would result in basically one year having to pass before I have a shot of actually working there for cash, and the volunteership was for the communication's department of a sustainable development project. Read more... )

Meme: 30-Day Fandom vs. Personal Meme:

Day 22: Which character do you think your close friend most looks like? Read more... )

Day 23: Fandom you wish you could tear down and rebuild from the ground up (recast, change plot etc) Read more... )

Day 24: Choose your favourite kind of pet. What character most reminds you of that animal? Read more... )

Day 25: Your stranded on a desert island. Which group of friends from any fandom do you think would be the best to be stuck with? Read more... )

Day 26: If you had a serious problem, which character would you go to and tell about it? Read more... )

Day 27: Which character would you trust completely to save you from a tragic fate? Read more... )

Day 28: Character you think smells yummy, and what do they smell of? Read more... )

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Sherlock: Read more... )
Misfits: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* The Rolling Stones


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