Apr. 1st, 2011

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Yesterday's meet-and-greet at Organization went well, even if my brain flatlined a few times and I found myself unable to string words together without stumbling over them. Apparently talking to someone I don't know makes me forget grammar and vocabulary in any language now. The person I spoke with gave me some suggestions - basically just to email people directly involved in projects I'd be interested in, saying, "hi! I'm here! if you ever need anyone! hi!" - and will circulate my CV around.

Today there was a nation-wide transportation strike, which meant I woke up an hour early to catch the last metro and waiting outside in the cold until I could get in the office. I started writing an SPN fic while I was at it, because apparently I can't finish fics. *sigh* Then, to get home, I decided to walk the hour back instead of wait around for four hours for the metro to start up again for a brief shining moment, or try and squeeze into any available bus and take three hours to get home like last time.

The rest of the day I spent working on a variety of fannish projects and watching Dharma and Greg. I was going to watch Paranormal Activity 2 tonight, but I figure it's a touch too late for that now.

In other news, my right eyelid's been twitching on and off for the whole day now, and it's really annoying. The Internet says I probably need more sleep, less caffeine, or less stress, to which I say, fat chance.

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Quote of the Day: Unnamed Professor of Pharmacology, here
In the early 1900s, Bayer, the same company that makes your aspirin, advertised diacetylmorphine as the first non-addictive form of morphine. Today, we call it heroin.

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