bending_sickle: (Invisible?)
2011-03-22 10:38 pm

To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world*

I'm slowly working my way through my WIPs. For example, I finally installed a video editing programme which is better than Windows Movie Maker and, hopefully, will not freeze everytime I look at it. The installation went by without a hitch, but now there's the problem that I have no idea how to use it. Instantly intuitive, it is not. For the moment, I'm going to stick with WMM because I finally have the omgworkonfanvideeee bug back, but I will, eventually, learn how to use the new programme. Once that's utterly dominated, I will be able to make a wee dent in my gigantic To-Do fanvid list. So while no progress was actually made, I've re-re-replanned out the last few verses and who knows, I might actually work on a line sometime this week. I will finish that bastard even if it's on my 90th birthday!

The muse for the written word continues to be MIA, but I'm making good progress on the screencapping-and-snarking project for Friday 13th. Yay progress! (Well, progress is easy when all you do is resize and adjust contrast, but still.)

What I have accomplished, however, is watching a lot of television and film. For example, I watched all of Dharma and Greg's season 2, and now I'm whipping thrugh Grandma's House because Simon Amstell is adorable and that's pretty all that passes through my head as I watch it. Oh, Simon, listen to your mum! Get back on Nevermind the Buzzcocks!

Also watched was Waitress which was very good, a bit sad, had VERY GOOD PIE OMG, and was completely misrepresented by the trailer. (Light romantic comedy my ass!) It's made quite a bit sadder by the fact that the director, writer and co-star was murdered shortly after.

Oh, and I finally got paid for the Actual Proper Work I did in January. I has bling! ...I has no plans for said bling.

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* Oscar Wilde