Mar. 11th, 2011

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I have more tag opens than my browser can handle without screaming, but again, no LotD on account of Exhaustion from Transportation. What that entails is my getting up an hour earlier than usual - and working on almost 7 hours of sleep - to catch the 8:30 am metro. Why? Because of the damn strike, that's why. A tale of woes. )

I'll get around to the LotD tomorrow, but right now I'm going to finish watching Misfits, which is now my darling. ♥ I'd be more eloquent, but I think my brain's about to switch off. Suffice to say, it is Good. (And holy sexyness, batman! 2x03 in particular made me melt.) Oh, alright, a few tiny a number of notes.

Sickle's Review of Misfits, Seasons 1 and 2: Spoilers )

As a complete aside, the word twat gets thrown around on Misfits, and they pronounce the vowel like hat (maybe more like ha'), which is the way I always thought it was pronounced. But I was listening to [ profile] made_of_fail_pc's latest, and there they said there was discussion over how twat was pronounced, and the more common pronunciation they were coming up with was twot. Kevin made some comment about Americans just sticking to the first pronunciation they heard because of linguistic ignorance or something along those lines (and I apologize if I'm completely misremembering and misrepresenting here - I'm tired, remember?), which makes sense. Except...

I can't remember ever hearing twot. I've heard it said in a number of UK accents, and as far as I can recall, it's been twat all the way. (And for that matter, I've only heard it said by people from the UK, so I'm taking their way of saying it over potentially-appropriating-slang-words Americans). I don't quite know where I'm going with this, except that twot sounds silly and twa' is where it's at. Fo' shizzle.

* Kelly, Misfits 1x01


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