Mar. 9th, 2011

bending_sickle: (Do not start with me)
No LotD today because I'm drowning in open tags and it would take me ages. Also, for that matter, not much of a post either, because it's late and I'm feeling poorly on account of all my squishy bits squishing in a bad way. *kicks body* Whatchadoin', fool?

I have three declarations, though. Two Three are of No Love At All and one is of Love.

No Love At All:
  • Livejournal, where the flying philistines are my notifications?

  • Italian public transport, why did I have to wait 40 minutes for the metro? Why did you close three metro stations unexpectedly at rush hour? Why the freaking freemasons are you striking on Friday? AGAIN?!?

  • ETA: Gravity, stop breaking my things! First it was the showerhead, so it can't be stuck on the wall again and has to be hand-held like some insecure metalic worm, and now my mug? You have gone to far! (And you, CrazyGlue, not helping. It's not my fingers I'm trying to glue back together!)

  • Misfits, where have you been all my life?

* Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman


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