Mar. 4th, 2011

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I forgot to say yesterday that Palermo was awesome (and y'all will probably never see photos of it because I apparently suck at coming through on promises like that) but the rest of this week has been hellish. I got home Sunday night and there was no hot water and I'd been looking forward to a hot bath like crazy, especially since I'd had cramps all day I am not kidding. We got it fixed Wednesday, until then, cleanliness came in a bucket. The recently-boiled water was always too hot. Cue fist-shaking.

Then the electricity went out all afternoon on Wednesday, and the heating never came back, so it was a delightful 16.5 degrees in my room and there was a lot of huddling under the covers. I am so tired of being cold (and I said as much to Mom, who promptly snapped that she'd hoped I'd be "tired from something else (you lazy ass)").

The good thing, though, is that my internship supervisor's letting me take time out to look for a proper job. This is apparently a less depressive task when done in a proper office where I have to keep it together.

Quotes of the Day: Secret Diary of a Call Girl (3x7) & Castle (3x17)
Hannah: Sometimes you value least the people who love you most, until you remember that without them, your life is worth nothing.

Castle: He knows we're on a deadline, right?
Beckett: Yeah, he knows.
Castle: I mean a literal deadline. As in, you go over the line you're dead.
Beckett: Castle, can you just give him a chance?
Castle: I- I'm happy to give him anything he needs, it's the clock that's not cooperating.

Meme: Good Things:
Day 29: I sent out 7 CVs! And (sort of) drew my first sketch in years! Lookit! )

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* Shana Alexander


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