Feb. 10th, 2011

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Today at the internship I returned to the translations, which is sort of a relief on account of the lack of interminable scanning, and on the other hand, it's me, back where I started. I need this oompf to get me a little bit further now.

There was another metro&bus strike this morning, which meant I got to go to the office's neighbourhood a full hour before work actually started and, plus, I got to freeze my bum off sitting and walking around the sad, empty little streets.

Mom's off to Spain starting this morning, so it's just my Dad and me until Wednesday. I trust we won't starve, although to hear my mother speak and see her stock the freezer, you'd think we didn't know how to feed ourselves. Mind you, I think I'm having McD's tomorrow.

Tomorrow, speaking of, I'm going to head over to the far reaches of the city and try and get my fiscal number. It will undoubtably involve a lot of waiting and hopefully not too much paperwork. Beurocracy for the not at all win.

I've spent the afternoon revelling in having the house to myself and working on almost a week's worth of Links of the Day (oh, compulsive organization!) On Sunday Dad and I are going to see a Swan lake ballet showing - we managed to nab free tickets from our landlady for some reason. I think I might force myself to go jogging sometimes in the weekend too, and I have to write a comment in a Goethe forum for my German homework (how wack is that?).

In other news, I'm dying to finish The Pillars of the Earth and hey, new Supernatural this week again! \o/ I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Puppy!Sam. Ah, it's almost like seeing Season 1 Sam all over again! (Except he doesn't have the adorable bangs of adorableness.)

Meme: Good Things:

Day 5: CV! In Italian!
Day 6: Chat iwth girl from German class!
Day 7: House to myself!

Video of the Day: Sia's "Soon We'll Be Found" - So pretty! Read more... )

Quote of the Day: [livejournal.com profile] metaquotes thead
[livejournal.com profile] shoemoney2night: After being tickled by the names of 17th century Puritans [...] I did some reading and discovered some more brilliant Puritan names. A Sussex jury roll from 1650 list includes the names Accepted Trevor, Redeemed Compton, Kill-Sin Pimple, Fly-Fornication Richardson, Search-The-Scriptures Moreton [...].

[livejournal.com profile] 17catherines: Am I the only one who wondered why the puritans were interested in fornicating flies?

[livejournal.com profile] shaysdays: I think it's more, "Fly away, oh foul temptation of our mortal bodies!" not "Screeeeew meeeeeee!"

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