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Have some more of that life and employment crap. Read more... )

So I've been feeling like crap today. The only good thing is that unlike yesterday's three-hour walk about town looking for goddamn cards to send to darlings, today I found awesome cards at, hilariously enough, the same bookstore chain I tried two of yesterday and it only took me two hour and most of that was me staring at the cards and trying to figure out if people I hardly know will like them or be offended (although how one can be offended by reindeer, I don't know). Anyway, I got cards and it's awesome. Some even have glitter.

I haven't made much progress on sprucing up Time 3. (Sorry [ profile] seschat! I need to write a missing-scene-that-really-ought-not-be-missing and a meme-drabble and then fight with Word's pagination and then edit it for the free proof and and five copies) thing. What the fuck am I going to do with five copies of what is basically half a novel and I'm not even that pleased with it? Or, well, with three copies, 'cause two I know what to do with. But argh. Five. Maybe in a few years I'll throw them all together into an omnibus, or maybe even an anthology of stories and novels, but this year is not that year because shit still needs to be written. Damnit, Time 3, why you not end?! ...maybe I can resolve it in the Time 0 novel I want to write. Like, instead of flashbacks being the tid-bits, flashforwards as the little extras. Oooooh, two birds might have just hit the ground!

Aaand I'm going to go off and watch something wholesome or funny or whatever, because my head, my heart, my gods... Don't quite know what I'll watch, because we're entering that period of "everything's on hiatus!" which is the curse of the holidays. Except Sherlock, which is apparently a few weeks away, and Doctor Who, which is love and coming for Christmas.

As an aside, I can tell I'm getting older because suddenly an average of six hours of sleep a night for the week doesn't kill me (until around 10:30 pm, after which I am dangerously close to the dozing-off range). How so awake, body? (I still pack the hours in on weekends, though.)

Enough ramble. I'm not sure if this or my long-stretches of silence-and-links is better.

Quotes of the Day: 1) [ profile] cleolinda, here and 2) Denis Leary
Because even when you grasp the idea that depression is an ailment and not a personal failing... it still feels like a personal failing. You know you're clinically depressed, but you feel like you're just lazy, lonely, hopeless, pathetic. Or sometimes you don't realize you're ill, because those feelings of anxiety and shame and helplessness sneak up on you and feel legitimate, and that's why you don't realize you need help. [...] Because your sadness and fatigue and anxiety feel mild at first, and they seem like rational responses to things going on in your life, and then you end up missing some deadline or not completing some goal or not living up to your own expectations because you're already sad and tired, and then the negativity does seem justified: "I'm not depressed; I'm a loser."

Most people think life sucks, and then you die. Not me. I beg to differ. I think life sucks, then you get cancer, then your dog dies, your wife leaves you, the cancer goes into remission, you get a new dog, you get remarried, you owe ten million dollars in medical bills but you work hard for thirty-five years and you pay it back and then -- one day -- you have a massive stroke, your whole right side is paralyzed, you have to limp along the streets and speak out of the left side of your mouth and drool but you go into rehabilitation and regain the power to walk and the power to talk and then -- one day -- you step off a curb at Sixty-seventh Street, and BANG you get hit by a city bus and then you die. Maybe.

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Stephen Vincent Benet
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Supernatural, "Death's Door" (7x10): Read more... )

Lord of the Rings Fandom Rewatch: Join the December marathon! Everybody watch the extended editions! This weekend, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Sherlock: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Anon.
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So guess who I met yesterday?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Jane Goodall
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

Supernatural, "The Mentalist" (7x07): Read more... )

Castle, "Heartbreak Hotel" (4x07): Read more... )

Ringer, "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?" (1x07): Read more... )

Person of Interest, "Witness" (1x07):: Read more... )

In other news, have about a month's worth of links! Because I need to go back to writing. Please note that the Tumblr-links are being thinned out unless truly fantastic because if not there would be thousands of links. If you absolutely need a LotD for Tumblr, go follow my dash.

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Sherlock: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Jane Goodall
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So again, not dead. Also, curiously enough, not exhausted. But work doesn't leave me much time for posting and surfing and Links of the Day, which is why sometimes this past week I've looked at the bed and said, "Ah, screw it, let's sleep." (Or rewatch Doctor Who Season 5, and sputter about things we still don't know about River - what did the Bishop in Time of Angels mean? - or about the finale - why 26/06/2010?)

However, I can report back that work is going well. So far it's still a lot of reading - although now they've brought down and hooked up my computer in my new shared office, so yay typing and oncoming productivity! I attended some presentations last week, and had an informal lunch meeting, and have a meeting tomorrow (where I think I'm supposed to introduce myself to the larger team). I've met more people than I could possibly ever remember and they've all been nice. Ah, international environment, how I've missed you! I've walked miles going from one part of the building to the other, getting lost in corridors and on staircases. I swear it's a bloody TARDIS-baby.

Last week I kept getting home absolutely exhausted - all read-out and socialized-out and languaged-out. Also, curisouly, with a raving desire for creativity. I've worked on that Not What I Had In My Head drawing (and worked on it so much it went from decent-enough to shite and back again) and have discovered The Coloured Pencils as well as the Badly Mangled Watercolours from my childhood. I also have charcoal pencils, so at least one version of the drawing is going to be passable. I even took Betsy out for a bit - didn't play her or even tuner her up, but I did wipe the dirt of her poor little guitar body.

In other news, have some links. Lots and lots of links.

Photo of the Day: True Blood SPOILERS Read more... )

Quote of the Day: [ profile] mybrokenlocket, here - AWESOMENESS
Can I please have dibs on "Big Gay Angel Crisis" as a band name? We'll sing songs about Supernatural fandom, it will be wonderful.

Song of the Day: "La Tasche Piene di Sassi" by Jovanotto Read more... )

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
True Blood: Read more... )
Sherlock: Read more... )
Firefly: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Willow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Sickle's Brief Review of The Crazies:
  • I loved this movie. Loved loved loved it. It had heart, it had gore, it had the real sort of horror and the movie horror, it had action, and it flowed. Also, what's not to love about what is basically a zombie movie?

  • What I mean about the "real sort of horror" is that there's a lot of scenes - and implied scenes - of people doing absolutely horrific things. Spoilers )

  • That said, the "movie horror" is very well done too. The scares and traps and jumps are good, and the slight paranoia that starts halfway through is a nice touch, although it never really takes flight. The deaths are good and showy, the gore is bloody (and at one point a bit too gorey for my tastes - mild spoiler )). Most characters didn't to ridiculously stupid endangerment things, and I actually cared about them, even if just because they'd managed to not die by the slimmest of margins.

  • There's a few snags in the backdrop storyline spoilers )

Meme: Good Things:

Day 18: I bought a Kinder Surprise egg and had a nice chat on the trip home from German with Girl Who's Name I Can't Remember and Obviously Can't Ask Now, who is rapidly becoming the nearest thing to a friend my age in this city that I have. It's strange, and been a while, but also nice because we get along and there's banter and mutual encouragement.

Video of the Day: Mil Millington's Christmas 2010 Message Read more... )

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* The Crazies
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You'll never guess what I did today! I did stuff! I actually did something and that Something was accomplished!

It involved bureaucracy. )

Today is - or rather was, by the time I get this posted - my brother's birthday. Even though he's way over in far off lands currently struggling with the snowpocalypse, we celebrated the traditional way - food (chocolate mousse whatwhat!) and booze. Well, we called him, too. He's 33 now, which makes me feel so, so old. In less than 3 years, I'm going to be 30. I can't even begin to imagine what I want my life to be like by then. I can't even get myself out of this rut, it seems. They say all states are temporary, but damn it if they don't feel permanent when you're living them. But damn it, I CAN HAS HOPE. AND OOMPF. MORE THINGS WILL GET DONE!

In other news, I CAN HAS SUPERNATURAL TOMORROW. There is much joy over this.

Oh, and you can totally tell from the Links of the Day that I haven't posted them in ages. It's more like Monster Links of the Week, and I mean Scary Evil Big Monster. And fear its mate, the Tag Monster!

Meme: Good Things via [ profile] emberald_embers Read more... )

Quotes of the Day: [ profile] gregirlbeast, here
I think I'm very probably that deluded prostitute who tells everyone that she's actually an actress.

[ profile] schrodi_kitten, here
As someone who just played through Mass Effect 2, I have this to say:

It is absolutely our destiny as humans to travel to the stars, to explore the vastness of space and discover the wonders that await us.

And we should do this while armed to the goddamned teeth.

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
True Blood: Read more... )
Human Target: Read more... )
Sherlock: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Hyman G. Rickover, quoted in The New York Times, 3 November 1986
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I'm still very much in the dumps today going around with a sort of "fuck off and leave me alone to die not like you'd care" mindframe, which is fun in that there is nothing fun about it and I'd like to stop feeling like this now kthx.

For some reason I have yet to understand, I watched half of Karla (trailer) yesterday. Now, simply rewatching that movie would usually raise all sorts of questions as to just what sort of psychological self-harm I'm going for, except I was honestly watching is as a comfort. The movie's about this. You can see how the math does not compute, right? And yet, because I didn't have a horror movie to scare me witless (Paranormal Activity 2 isn't out on DVD until February), I apparently went for the movie that I first watched with my hands over my eyes and mouth and peeking through in horror amidst a lot of "lalalala I can't hear you" and instantly booted off my property (only to drag it back and rewatch it properly so I could give it a fair trial before sending it one more to the bowels of hell), as the movie I wanted to distract me from the call of the Dodos of Doom.

In my defense, I'd already gone the stand-up comedy route with Dara O Briain Live at the Theatre Royal and it only helped for as long as I was watching it.

I had a bunch of other stuff I'd been meaning to post about, not least of which was a recounting of my first German lesson in years, or possibly a paragraph in German, just to flex the old muscles, but what I've written so far is about as far as I can go tonight.

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Katharine Hepburn
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I has a new profile! With lists of stuff!

TfSB Timeline Questions: This is mainly to remind myself to scour through Nanowrimo 2009 to answer a few questions, but I wouldn't say no to help because ye gods, do I not want to flip through that mess of typos and embarassingly missing words and suchlike. and to think it's been printed and bound like that, and what's worse! downloaded like that! And what's even worse, professionally published like that. *facepalm* Proof read and edit, Sickle, even if you don't want to read the work for a few months; it's embarrassing. Read more... )

30 Days of Doctor Who: Day 25 – Favorite Who Actor Read more... )

30 Days of Supernatural Meme: Day 25 - Something that you wish happened but didn't Read more... )

40 Days of Supernatural Meme: Day 25 - Favorite kiss/love/sex scene? Read more... )

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
True Blood: Read more... )
Human Target: Read more... )
Heroes: Read more... )
Other Fandom: Read more... )
Multifandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Philip Fry
** Strictly and buddhistically speaking he's not a god so much as the ultimate teacher.
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Life: Spent the whole day working on the References section. From home, because I didn't set the alarm on last night and I suck. Work was achieved, at least.

Nano: 354 words behind. The distance is decreasing, but omg, kill me now.

How to pump-up the word count: instead of saying that clothes were found for Icarus and he then got dressed, say that Chip and Saunders argue, Agatha finds clothes and then Chip proceeds to toss each item one by one. It's given me 700 words. (Don't tell anyone.)

Icarus' shade of eye-colour is somewhat like this butterfly or the Indigo Bunting only more. Or, y'know, whatever outlandish things I can describe them as.

Excerpt )

29644 / 50000 words. 59% done!

Video of the Day: Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 - Saturday 11th April - Everyone was laughing and judging her because of her looks and age, but holy mother of god, she's amazing and I cried like a little girl.

Links of the Day:

David Usher: Read more... )
Random Fandom: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Ernet Hemingway
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Sickle's Day, Cliff-Notes Version:

- Day started off with routine self-loathing due to latelatelateness. Things were better than yesterday, though, in that supreme concentration was not required for menial tasks and the morning's routine was not interrupted by senseless weeping. (Translation: Fail, but not Epic Fail!)

- Biked over to Plexus to ask about where I could get an International Student Card. Biked to the address they gave me. Failed to find the place after a brief scan and then decided to not even try to search more thoroughly considering the time it was already. (Translation: Progress!)

- Arrived at work and wrote out notes for all the edits and additions I need to make in my first draft. (Translation: Fake progress!)

- Had miso soup and two mandarins for lunch. (Translation: Lunch was made of fail!)

- Worked on reading articles about lion manes and on maneless lions, then summarized in preparation for paragraph in the introduction. (Translation: Progress!)

- Spoke a few minutes with Supervisor who wanted some carcass-due-to-drought photos and a lioness' whisker spots. (Translation: Win!)

- Got home, heated up hotdogs for dinner and resolutely refused to go swimming. Did some weights instead. (Translation: Epic fail narrowly averted!)

- Plan to watch Heroes and Castle 1x03, continuing on from yesterday's Castle viewing. I found the show entertaining and light-fare (in that there's no woe or angst or thinky-thoughts going on - yet). Nathan's character is a wonderful caricature most of the time, which is okay because he's hilarious, except for the moments where he's a bit of a sleeze. I adored Castle's mother and daughter and really, really like the father&daughter scenes. There should be more of that in the show. And on TV. And real life. Just, more. (Also, those were the scenes where I most liked Castle.) (Translation: Squee!)

Squee of the Day: The Epic Clash of Conan, Colbert and Stewart Embedded, hilarious and adorkable )

Music of the Day: Je t'aime, Quebec by Konflit Embedded and snowy )

Links of the Day:
[ profile] secretlytodream's Supernatural Fanvid You're Real
[ profile] ina_ami's Supernatural Icons, "I Believe The Children Are Our Future"
[ profile] writrgurl's The Curse of James Dean's "Little Bastard" - Spooky!
[ profile] dalekdisaster's Supernatural Fanmix Big Black Nothing (Dean/Castiel)
[ profile] zqfans's Eyecandy! - First .gif is pure sex with an eyebrow of win.
[ profile] cleolinda's Pimpage of her e-book, with screenshots

* Urban Dictionary
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Yes! Yes! I'm cleeeeaaaaan! Aw man, we totally underappreciate the sensation of being squeaky clean. (As far as taking care of myself goes, that's pretty nifty. Lately it's just been food and some sort of mental stability, aka the mental and bodily coma of "buh, wha?". So yay, I say, yay.)

Cut for further incoherency on school and family. )

ETA: Also? Not dead! Which considering the last two days is a feat in and of itself.

Links of the Day:
There's humour in the darkest places - The Guardian interviews TPratchett
The Nine Billion Names of God - ACClarke (recently deceased) - short story in full
[ profile] mabetini's Fanfic: How to be a villain (Heroes)
[ profile] pyjamagurl's Fanfic: What little boys don't do (Heroes)
Comic: Slow Wave (Dreams in comic-form), Comic: Misfile, [ profile] gdcomic (of [ profile] get_medieval**)
[ profile] wtf_nature: Watch a black hole eat a star om nom nom
[ profile] cleolinda's Wiki: Cleoland
Colin's Movie Monologue Page

* Ambrose Bierce
** Get_medieval bookmark: I am here.
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I've done shite these past few days. I'm mean, seriously, abso-fucking-nothing. I ought to be doing stuff - really ought to - but there's just a hell of a lot of blah going on. I lay on the couch all day yesterday. Moped a bit, cried a bit, stared at pretty much nothing for a bit more.

The only good coming out of this is that, since I'm down to one honest meal a day I appear to have lost weight. From n.2 on Jan 6 to (n-3).8 today. Of course, that doesn't really mean there's any success because I've really just been oscillating around a given figure. Still, yays for grazing n-3.

Thing is... Hell, I can't even write an entry anymore.

And this time I know it's not due to the hormone rollercoaster. I'm just au-naturel blah. (More than blah, actually.)

Fuck the internship. Fuck the Masters.

(No, not really, but...)

ETA: A precursory search on offers nothing for SonoTORIous whatsoever. I feel cheated.

Links of the Day:
[ profile] cleolinda has her own wiki site, full of wonderful goodies.
[ profile] oficialgaiman's Web Elf brings us a sneak preview to the upcoming film Coraline. (YouTube version) And Neil says the Neverwhere film is back on the hot plate :) (Although the TV series was pretty nice, especially cast-wise.)
[ profile] fox1013 shares Harold and Kumar Sequel Trailers and much squee. Also, the list of horror movies she likes.
How to Support Someone with an Eating Disorder on
Chinese Fur Farms - Got it in an email-petition thingy. Five seconds into the clip and I was ready to retch and cry at the same time. Really, seriously, don't watch this. The description is enough; you don't need to see the twitching. (Oh gods, it's horrible.)

* Simon, re: River's coded message, Firefly
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Wrote a little Hero's Manual interlude over at [ profile] sickle_stories. This is what happens when you abandon your characters for an indefinate period of time, the poor things. It's much sadder than I expected; I thought Quasi would be able to inject a bit of funny, but he was just the most depressing butler you ever did see. And Uncle Mycroft isn't in it 'cause he's dead and happily sucking a village dry.

A light switch finally flicked on in my brain and I hunted down I Am Legend trailers on YouTube. I'm so dragging Brother to watch it. Will Smith, vampires, what's not to love? The love continues )

Also, why does spinach taste like dirt? I like spinach, really, I do, but often mushed-up cooked spinach tends to have a distinct dry dirt flavour. Ugh.

My right foot is freezing. Left foot's pretty happy, though. The rest of me is pretty cold too. *sigh* You would not believe how lacking in fun today's walk home was. All near-one-hour of it. Big Damn Wind-tunnel effect the whole way, and the dykes are finally frozen over. So, cold. And did I mention my tuques** are on the wrong continent? *clutches ears* Owie.

I have a meet' tomorrow with Lady of Some Department about the possibility of doing a literature research internship for that department. I'm going in pretty blind as to what I want, expect, or am interested in, which sucketh and reflecteth sorely. I'd like to catch Martina, though, and ask her if she's found anyone to do the literature research 4-month internship on earthworms and moles (no yays, btw). Although, 2 literature internships are a no-no, I'm sure.

*pout* [ profile] ninth_wonders pimpage appears to have been ineffectual. Granted, "Fandom Analyses" wouldn't make me run for the clicky. "Mohinder gets beaten by the Science Stick for Greater Justice", however, would. *sigh* It takes two to share, apparently.

And so ends the uneventful post. (Except to say that I need a totally kick-ass icon of Sylar. And I mean Sex-on-Legs kick-ass. Ditto for Dr Who. Can't go about posting bunnies on these fandoms, now can I?)

Links of the Day:
[ profile] cleolinda is interviewed by Cauldrons and Chocolate Frogs, a Harry Potter fandom ezine.
[ profile] evadne_noel spreads the Christmas song hate. It's practically tradition for Evadne to wax witty about the topic, and now she's brought evidence!
Firefly meets Moulin Rouge: The Love Medley

* William Arthur Ward
** Not to be confused with or spelt as - and I don't care what you say - toque. I know English spelling is funny and wierd weird, but damnitall, it's a tuque***, not a plumed velvet cap.
*** And I'll have you know,, they're also worn in many other places other than Canada. It's like saying a "boot" is the curious empty spot at the back of a car in England, in no way at all to be confused with a "trunk". *sigh*
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But apart from that, you're completely mad.*

There's so many links below that this really has to be its own post.

Links of the Day

Read more... )

* "The Impossible Planet", Dr Who


Apr. 12th, 2006 05:55 pm
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[ profile] aliaspiral's Wing Tip, despite not having read it yet. Did, however, read the hawtest threesome ever, by her here.

See these boots?

I want these boots.
Icon by [ profile] aliaspiral

Have I pimped [ profile] darthmaligna recently? 'Cause she wrote a Snape/Sirius fic a short while back which rocked my little socks. And I'm not even into Harry Potter fic.

A writing rant on Why writers need betas. So. When my fic is a bit closer to being, I'll probably ask for a beta.

But first, people. I really, really need some input on the whole "how much does a whore cost" issue. Help?

[ profile] theatre_angel does movie parodies, like [ profile] cleolinda used to before they all got published and left the screen for paper. Here's her The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"

Let me pimp [ profile] sevangel's "Our Mrs Cobb" and her "Slayers in Space". She made me LOL yesterday, repeatedly, for which she has my eternal gratitude.

Oh, and I'll repimp the Shoe-box project, for all you Potterfans. Apparently, it's the best thing out there.


Jan. 22nd, 2006 02:29 pm
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[ profile] cleolinda has her own book out! Movies in 15 minutes.

I love it that people on the web and LJ are publishing. See? Fanfic writing helps.

That includes Jennifer Pelland (i.e. Siubhan from Sith Academy), who´s got a book called Chameleon Unbound somewhere. Read some of it here.

Edit: Obviously, I´m at my uncles´. Haven´t tried the internet over at my place. Haven´t even hung up posters, which may or may not take precedence.


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