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So guess who I met yesterday?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Jane Goodall
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Supernatural, "The Mentalist" (7x07): Read more... )

Castle, "Heartbreak Hotel" (4x07): Read more... )

Ringer, "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?" (1x07): Read more... )

Person of Interest, "Witness" (1x07):: Read more... )

In other news, have about a month's worth of links! Because I need to go back to writing. Please note that the Tumblr-links are being thinned out unless truly fantastic because if not there would be thousands of links. If you absolutely need a LotD for Tumblr, go follow my dash.

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* Jane Goodall
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[ profile] seschat is made of awesome. Just, y'know, in general. ♥ Need evidence? She made me a fanmix! For Time We Saw a Miracle!

Go forth and squee!

In other news, I've seen screencaps of Misha on Tumblr many times and yet cannot find the original video. So, guys, where is this video?!?

Yeah, I do follow some of their blogs. But don’t tell them.
Soulfisting - here

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* Common expression
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I can has job! \o/

The interview went very well - all hour and a half of it. The interviewer showed up with not just a copy of my CV, but my cover letter as well. Highlighted. The level of interest and appreciation that alone showed made me squeeful.

The overlap between my studies - theses, interests, etc. - and this office is massive, which is wonderful. The interviewer and I had even been in the same regions, countries and even parks, and the work they're doing for some projects, or hope to do, is right up my alley. He gave me some literature - brochures, project reports, booklets - and seriously, the over of one of them could've been my thesis cover.

This could not possibly be any better. I am so excited :D It's for six months starting at the end of next month, and I'll be sharing office space with two other girls - both biologists and both, get this, from Quebec. One even went to my alma mater.

In sum: le squee.

* "Walking Far From Home", Iron and Wine


Mar. 26th, 2011 12:10 am
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We interrupt this program to bring you an important announcement:

We will now resume regular programming. Thank you for your attention.

* Common (internet) expression
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Meme: Good Things:

Day 4 - Thing 1: OMG. Aadslkfjsoefj! Slkdjfgosierf! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Thing 2: My internship supervisor brought me something from Argentina! Read more... )

Thing 3: Pillars of the Earth Parts 2 and 3 and the sexy, sexy men it has. Cut for teh overpowering smexyness )

Thing 4: I edited my CV! WHOOT WHOOT, MOTHER-LOVERS! Whoot the shit out of that thing \o/

* Common expression
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Yesterday I emailed Erin of [ profile] wptjeh informing her of the successful pimpage of the podcast to [ profile] made_of_fail_pc and she replied and there was squee and the squee was shared so I was all a-squee over a good dead done well.

So today I've just listened to [ profile] made_of_fail_pc's Episode 31 where my pimpage of [ profile] wptjeh was successfully linked in the show notes and WHY AM I SHAKING? Because Dayna read my email on the air and I am a silly person who squees. Mightily.

Also, *insert epic!facepalm here* because a grammatical error I had the vague suspicion of doing was actually done and now I feel like an idiot. Why is there fail in my cake? I now feel compelled to PM Dayna and explain how I have no idea how that double-negative creaped in. *hangs head in grammatical shame* Five minutes later, and that compulsion has been resolved in the form of a "Thank you, much appreciated, (I'm an idiot)" email. *shakes the fail off*

iPhone Reviewers: This is just me, making lists, carry on. )

Links of the Day:

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* Queen, "Delilah"
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...and Rorschach watches you.

Wherein [ profile] seschat and [ profile] bending_sickle watch a movie together whilst in different countries through the magic of livejournal comments.

* Watchmen (1986-1987)
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So some of y'all may remember how I wrote a novel way back in November and, having done so, I got this promotional code so that I could get a proof copy of my book for free.

Ladies and gentlemen, the squee has arrived!

The book's currently across the Atlantic at my brother's place - I didn't want to chance the free transport being anti-cross-continental, although in retrospect I shouldn't have worried. He's going to send it, though, which is awesome. (Why he didn't send me more pictures, I have no idea. Blame him!)

Also, I chose the cover from one of their templates because I a) didn't have photographs of a sufficient high-quality and b) I wasn't about the mess around with Photoshop to make one. I also smished my last name, because, well, this is the internet.

In other news, I've finished updating my CV and sent it off to my dearest muffin [ profile] poisoned_sleep who's going to be awesome and point and laugh suggest corrections. Tomorrow, the job hunt commences! There is no squee! Argh!

Tomorrow I also have a doctor's appointment (My face! What's happened to my face?!?) and I really ought to poke at Willy again. I emailed her, but haven't heard back, which makes for a sad Sickle. I also contacted with Gabrielle, suggesting coffee, which she accepted, but no details have been set. I only have her phone number, so I texted her my email so that we could go over the when-and-wheres without sending a thousand texts and getting poor, but I haven't heard from her. So I shall phone. *nods*

Links of the Day:

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Doctor Who: Read more... )
Lost: Read more... )
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* Interesting Times, TPratchett
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It's a good thing I didn't write this entry earlier this evening, or it would be full of whining descriptions about how it's cold and icy and I didn't do anything but pick up my bike from the repair shop for its broken brakes**(It's Bicycle Repairman!) and fail to sell books to the second-hand shop (No! Not Bernard!) and realize that my knit elephant toy thing is in reality an abomination that could never hope to be a gift.

I mean, I' still going to post about it all, but there will be no moaning and whining, because of one single thing: time-zone compatibility. [ profile] seschat and I have been commenting back and forth on the previous post, spreading the lolz, all evening. I got her to watch Doctor Who's Blink and she got me to watch Shelter, which we watched at the same time and squeed over at each other via comments. It was epic and I am full of squee. ♥

Last night, I finally settled down to watch David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet. That they made a film version of the play they performed is wonderful, although I cursed the world for it not being common-place for theatrical events to be filmed, because I'd have loved to see John Simm's last two plays, even if he was tiny and blurred.

Anyway, David Tennant is amazing. Like, holy-mother-of-gods amazing. He's my favorite Hamlet. He's funny and energetic and manic (in a disturbing Doctor-like way) and sprawls in sexy, sexy emotive ways and curls up in sexy, sexy sad foetal positions and is in a bondage-chair (I am not kidding!) and just, wow. I've never had so much fun watching a performance of Hamlet (Act 2, where he's calling Polonius a fishmonger! oh the hilarity!), maybe even Shakespeare in general. (Although Much Ado About Nothing is funny, even if Keanu Reeves totally sucked in the Branagh film version.) So that's why the Video of the Day is Tennant-as-Hamlet spouting off a soliloquey barefoot and in the most awesome shirt ever. (Also, Polonius is made of win.)

Video of the Day: David Tennant, Hamlet Soliloquy Embedded )

Links of the Day:

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Dec. 10th, 2009 01:48 am
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The apocalypse is in full swing when Chip takes to the road and does his best to avoid the infected. In Kansas City, he reluctantly moves in with Saunders, a widowed grandfather, and twelve-year-old Agatha.

They say there's an angel dying upstairs.

Download the PDF
Download the Fanmix - See the Fanmix Post


* Common expression of glee!
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Before I go on about stuff, I can has thesis grade! Academic squee and news )

I've been listening to the Good Omens audiobook (which works much better in audio than I'd expected) and But Then By Homework Was Never Quite Like This podfic. The podfic is over six hours of dom/sub slash porn which gets a bit boring after a while, but is well-written. If it weren't for audiobooks, I'd hardly read (and I use the verb loosely) anything at all, what with the lack of time and books. Hmm, I could start on the second Sookie Stackhouse book tomorrow, that'd pass the time while I bind.

Speaking of binding, I'm totally printing and binding my pdf. Which I will finish today. Or tomorrow. Gods, it's just a tiny little coda I want to write...

Also, for the second morning in a row I've been nauseaus over breakfast. While nausea is sort of my weak spot when it comes to deep-seated nervousness (I threw up before my flight to university-for-the-first-time and was chronically blargh before the-move-to-the-Netherlands), I don't know where the stress may be coming from this time. I mean, nothing's freaking me out twenty-four-seven. Huh. Future for the freak-out?

ETA: The 2600 word extra Dean&Icarus scene is written! There is schmoop! Hidden below many layers of angst and grief and hard-knock-lifery. Which is to say, there's is almost-hugging! And fingers in hair! And I just remembered I forgot to put in one detail about Icarus telling or saying he's going to tell Dean about Chip's angel-vision but it's okay, we don't need that bit anyway and it would break the flow and anyway they can talk about it anytime and oh my god it's over! PDF pimpage tomorrow!

Links of the Day: Read more... )

* Jonathan Coulton, "Still Alive"


Nov. 30th, 2009 01:12 am
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Nano: One internet abomination of a word is all you need: Omgyay!

Excerpt )

50361 / 50000 words. 101% done!

Links of the Day:
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Random Read more... )

* Common expression
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I finished Supernatural Season 4 tonight. Aw man, I love this show. There's one episode (4x12) in particular which is brilliant: Sam'n'Dean encounter a guy who's writing Supernatural novels, not knowing that the boys actually exist. The boys read the novels, surf the web and discover Fandom.

Cue hilarity:


Oh, and Jensen Ackles was actually asked what he thought about fanfiction at a convention:


* Jensen Ackles
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Hi guys! *waves madly at the internets* I'm back!

I don't really know where to start. I'm going to do a retroactive blog about it all (aka [ profile] amboseli) but I'm going to say a little bit about these past 4 months now.

It was amazing! Amboseli is an absolutely gorgeous place. It was chock-a-block full of animals (due to being the only permanent water source in a land plagued by drought, which wasn't cool). Lions, lions, lions everywhere! Elephants of all sizes! Bizarrely-striped zebras!

I had so much fun. Seriously, my baseline emotion was "squeelful joy". The research went by without a hitch, I got to be super close friends with Willemijn (who's hilarious, by the way) and also made some very good friends with folk living there.

Oh, and I fell in love with a wonderful boy. !!! I can't be more coherent than that right now. We love each other very much and are so doing the long distance relationship thing until it's a long-term relationship thing. Miss him like crazy.

So I'm back at my flat with lots of new roommates, a mangled fern (Renske gave it a haricut while she was taking care of it) and chilly Dutch weather. Going to start work on the report next week so I can dedicate this week to unpacking and settling in again. It's taking a bit of getting used to being back: "I can drink tap water!", "Fresh milk!", "Fast internet!" and the like are things I keep exclaiming. Also miss living with Willemijn, so that's a change.

Anyway, I'm slowly catching up on LJ, fandom and the lives of loved ones. If there's been anything major in your lives, poke me!

Love y'all!

* Common expression.
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Fanvid Fandom: Supernatural
Song Title: Running Up That Hill
Artist: Placebo
Summary: Making deals, trading places: round and round the Winchesters go.

Category: Narrative, Character/Plot Study
Characters: John, Dean and Sam
Spoilers: Until 4x09 I Know What You Did Last Summer
Format / Size / Length: .wmv / 25.5 MB / 4:58

Editor's Note: This is the first fanvid I have ever made. :) Constructive criticism is appreciated, but please be gentle.

Download: Megaupload / Sendspace

Comments: I'm pretty happy with it, even if there's three beats that are a bit off because I edited upstream, which messed everything up. (Oh Movie Maker, why can I not lock a clip in the timeline? Why?!?) Fixing that was 99% successful. Trying to get that 1% will ruin all the bits downstream, which is most of the fanvid, so...

It's pretty straightforward, narratively, and ridiculously simple in its effects (fade in/out). My main woe is that I couldn't get the camera pan of Dean at the crossroads to fit - alright, I didn't try, but it doesn't - because it's exactly the same as Sam's. Also, that damn truck vs. Impala crash was hellish to edit, and I'm still displeased somewhat with it.

Also, for the record, 1) two of the views on YouTube are mine, when I was trying to get the html and 2) this fanvid took over 14 hours of work.

Cross-posted to [ profile] supernaturalvid, [ profile] fan_vids, [ profile] spn_theboys, [ profile] spnforthesane

ETA: Sweet jambalaya, there's a lot of SPN fanvids to this song. Thank gods I didn't check this prior to making the fanvid.

* "Running Up That Hill", Placebo
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I've just spent over 2 hours working on my first ever fanvid. !!! I have finally managed to have a) the necessary clips b) the music and c) a detailed plan. It's Supernatural meets Placebo's "Running Up That Hill". I've just done the intro and first verse, and have the clips set up for the first rendition of the chorus. I am so psyched! I'm actually pleased with it!

Squee with me!** XD

* Common phrase.
** I was so full of squee I had to share with mom, explaining the concept and showing a bit of the clips selected. She was interested. Also, guhed about Jensen Ackles. She was appreciative of teh Ackles ;)
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I just realized that yesterday I watched Doctor Who whilst lying behind the sofa. XD


We went to the park today and my brother taught me to how drive (!!!) in the parking lot. !!! He's a damn fine teacher. I spent over an hour, maybe an hour and a half, driving around the parking lot, turning corners, parking, going in reverse... XD First time at the wheel, as tense as a live wire** (Evidence of said event lacking ebcause my dad confused the ON and OFF buttons on my new (!!!) videocamera, so there's lots of shots of his feet and a blurred one of the car, then his feet.)

Brother's also shared his music and gotten me an audio lesson thing on Kiswahili. \o/

(And yet, I freak out. Of course. The Globo sapiens returns home after two decades and freaks the fuck out.)


Spoke to [ profile] katarinagram a bit and finally (finally) called Kit-kat, although we didn't get to talk much and will rectify later today. And yesterday I hung out with [ profile] lienne and [ profile] aplysia_06 but, alas, had to leave before the gods-awesome pie was consumed.

I'd like to point out that I'm totally sucking at being social or even sociable. I've utterly failed to send postcards or call people (so sorry, Kit-kat) or successfully make idle conversation (except with Jasmina in Chicago).

I'm a horrible person when at my folks. I'm a horrible person at my folks.

I also can't get over how unbelievably thick I was when discussing What is and What Should Never Be with [ profile] lienne. I'm usually quicker on the uptake. Sorry.


There's loads of things I've been meaning to write about, even composing posts in my head (some in script format - it was epic). But, as you can see, there's zip. Mainly because while I do nothing when at my folks, there's a lot of time spent doing said nothing and whole schedules around which various nothings must be done. And so I have done, as mentioned, nothing.

Grandiose plans of fanfiction writing, fanvid editing, lab book compiling, photoshop recovering, book reading... They've all died horrible, horrible lingering deaths of which they are still in the throes of.


LJ Poll: The Puppetmaster Gnomes Tell Sickle What To Do Read more... )

* After The Tone, Part 4 by [ profile] kashmir1
** Crack metaphor? Ftw!
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My Geektastic Life

Today I went to a public lecture by Richard Leakey.


Born Dec. 19, 1944 in Nairobi, Kenya, Leakey is a politician, paleoanthropologist and conservationist. He is second of the three sons of the archaeologists Louis Leakey and Mary Leakey, and is the younger brother of Colin Leakey. Read more... )


I've grown up knowing a smattering of the Leakeys. So long as I remember, I known about them as paleoanthropologists and have kept up on them whenever they made the news. Read more... )

What Was It Like?

Fantastic. Leakey is an extraordinary lecturer, mixing in humour with earnestness, political commentary and personal history. Everyone clapped their hearts out when he finished, and after each question.

The first question, posed by a Tanzanian PhD student (and good gods do I love the accent) was how to change the mind-set in Africa encouraged by evangelical christians who say, "God told us to multiply and fill the earth. Our country is not yet full, so why should we not have as many children as we can?" Leakey responded wonderfully, Read more... )

What Was It About?

Broad Implications of Climate Change in East Africa in Terms of Human and Animal Futures, a public lecture under the auspices of the LEAD Program of the Natural Herbarium, Faculty of Science, Leiden University. Introduction by Dr. L Jan Slikkerveer

Yes, I Took Notes (Scribbled Notes May Not Be Entirely Word-For-Word Accurate) )

Fandom Owns My Soul

After months of scrolling past fanfic posts in my flist, barely even scanning the newletters, I'm back in the Itching For Fic Couch. And, of course, it's SPN. Oh, show, how I love you: you make me laugh hysterically (for that, a thousand thanks) and give me a delicious side-order of angsty fucked-up characters. How could I say no?

Oh, and because apparently it has to be said: I'm fine with Wincest**. (But then, I'm fine with CSI*** in Firefly, so no surprise there.) There's some amazingly good fics out there. *updates Fanfic List of Looove*

ETA: A word on the 'cest: I like reading it, not watching it. I don't see it on screen, not even with super-charged slash goggles. But reading well-written fics that just happen to be 'cest? I'm game. (Mainly because of the mindfuck, angst, and the all-around incredibly strong emotions involved.)

I've been YouTubeing Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki interviews and convention appearances. They're adorable!

Also? I'm developing a major back fetish. Lookit and drool! )

Music Video of the Day: David Usher, "The Music" - Amazing cinematography! Followed directly by "Ugly is Beautiful" Embedded )

Quotes of the Day:
Last night is sort of a blur. I couldn't stay awake, until I tried to fall asleep.

- [ profile] greygirlbeast

Nothing I've ever found has contradicted the Bible. It's people with their finite minds who misread the Bible.

— Louis Leakey

Links of the Day:
Supernatural: Read more... )
Doctor Who: Read more... )
Heroes: Read more... )
Neil Gaiman: Read more... )
Random: (Includes Multifandom Icons)Read more... )
[ profile] wtf_nature: Read more... )

* RLeakey, Nov. 25, 2008
** If that's not your cup of tea, there's some lovely coffee over there. No need to hit me with the kettle. Play nice.
*** Crazy Space Incest
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I've just had an hour meeting with my supervisor. I'm damn near freakin' elated! Actual squee about actual stuff! )

Links of the Day:
News: Read more... )
Random: Read more... )

* Napoleon Bonaparte
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Supervisor speaks! His (edited) response to Gloria, or "Why we're not sending these students to their deaths." Now just to see what she replies in the face of this. \o/ )

* Supervisor, ibid


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