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When I was younger, I had a really good drama teacher for a year. Apart from setting up a wonderful puppet show using different puppet styles (I controlled the bunny and helped make the paper mache tucan) and him being a mime at the drama show (which would've gotten him sent to the scorpion pit by Vetinari), there's one other thing I remember clearly about those times.

He made us do a mental experiment in which we'd lie down and imagine that a great weight was pinning our limbs to the ground. Then we were asked to raise our arms. Most other people reported not being able to, but I felt nothing out of the ordinary and just pretended to struggle a bit.

Today, though, I know exactly what they meant. Moving, getting dressed, making the bed, hell, even putting thoughts together: I have to tackle these one minute action at a time. And then I'll just randomly break out into tears and be completely incapable of moving. And I just know that if I had one ounce more of will power, if I just stopped faking it all and pulled myself together like I know I can (there are a number of lies in this clause) then I could go about my business.

I woke up late again (seriously, I don't know why I have an alarm clock anyway). I've been dilly-dallying about going to work, but have finally decided that no, I can't. I've promised myself I'll try to work from home for a bit today, and make an actual day of it tomorrow. My knees are hurting again. They didn't when I woke up this morning, making it the first break in a few days, but they're back with a vengeance now. This makes me want to do absolutely nothing at all.

But the real reason I'm doing fuck-all again today and being an absolute failure at anything is that I can't seem to function. I've made a list of basic things I need to do to even make it out the door. And make it out the door I will: I need food and I'm going to send those godsdamned postcards for once and for all.

SMP Films: When Life Gets You Down: Embedded )

* Warren Buffett
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I've decided that if I have to drag myself by the scruff of the neck and kick myself in the arse to get out the door and to Einstein, then maybe I don't actually want to go. And maybe I don't have to.

So, yeah, fuck that.

Instead, I'm going to take a stroll to the train station and Megastore. *shucks on coat* Because I should not be apprehensive over going outside, and if I stay in here any longer, that may just happen.

And I'm not joking around here. I honestly have, in the past, had moments where I stare at the door and a big matronly self says, "Self, you're going outside." And you know what? A little self petulantly replies, "Don't wanna," whilst sucking on a peppermint and dragging a stuffed leopard**. "There's goblins there."

Only with more hesitation and irrational fear. Like, hand-on-doorknob, "Do I really want to do this? No, no I don't, there's all sorts of nasties outside - oh god help me, I didn't just feel that way." sort of deal. Gah.

Aw, crap. Procrastinating. *eyes door*

Tomorrow, if I'm not on the train to Leiden to take the bus to Noordwijk and wander around on the beach and hunt down hot Welschboy from the Youth Hostel, I give myself up for a good Talking To.

*impersonates icon!bunny* And I have so many things to do...

ETA: Honestly, I'm finding it distressingly hard to get up and go. And tamade, thinking about how a fucking waste of time and life today - and a horrible number of other days - has been is not helping.

Sorry for the "Eee, craaaa-zy" post, folks. I'll be going now.

ETA2: 12 am: Two hours later, I'm back. No goblins, nasties, or pervs. Just american tourists.

* Anon. or uncredited
** Leo the leopard, because I thought English spelt phonetically once upon a time.
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It's near 2 pm and I'm just starting the day. (Well, I read some NC-17 RPF with breakfast, but that's not actually "starting" the day.)

I'm all prettified and booted-up, my purse is stocked up with a travel guide, The Well of Lost Plots and my writing notebook (because I think I'm finally out of my Hero's Manual funk), as well as my camera and an apple. I've got the rest of American Gods on my trusty 'Pod, though the earphones are lame KLM "souvenirs" because my actually earphones have died on the left-side.

My plan? Shimmy off to Amsterdam - whiling away the train ride with some creativity - and check out some touristy neighbourhods. Maybe a coffeshop-stop will be included, where I'll accompany fod with a little more creativity. Then 'round 5 pm, Gregorian chant. Then some more wandering, culminating in motion sickness c/o Cloverfield.

What I'll probably do? Wander around the same old pedestrian streets as always, listen to some Gregorian chant, wander around some more, utterly fail to find a decent coffe place, and the waltz on back home, hungry and tired.

And I am typing this instead of actually doing it because... I got nothin'.

* [ profile] rex_dart, here. It's true!
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Today I've been trying to work on the internship forms - which, as I mentioned previously, scared me witless - and on deciding on a specific topic for my internship.

But first, what is it that I'm doing? Read more... )

As for the forms, I utterly failed at filling them out because I couldn't find the address for my institution, or decided the exact dates for starting, ending, holidays, turning in, presenting, etc. this whole mess.

So I had a little freak out. I seem to be having quite a few of these recently. They're not as bad that reading things like the wiki on limited symptom attack or various DMS IV entries doesn't fail to reassure me. "Oh!" I exclaim, "well, four symptoms or more, for five days running. I don't have that! I'm just dandy, then. Perfectly normal moment of panic for no reason!" Still... Seriously freaking out and hyperventilating and developing a deathgrip on a small innocent object isn't great. (These are times when I wish I had religion. Or at the very least a talisman. *eyes BlueSatin!Buddha* He doesn't count.)

This, by way of tangent, brings me to a pet peeve. Fanfic authors are always writing about people tensing up their fist so hard their fingernails dig in and draw blood. Here's a heads-up, folk: not that easy. Palms are surprisingly bouncy.

Biting your lip until you draw blood? Likewise as hard if you're going with a slow, constant pressure - which is usually what people do under emotional stress or when trying to keep themselves under wrap. If, on the other hand, you do a "Oh my, I'm fainting!" collapse, it's damn easy, what with the sudden *chomp* and all. Personal experience, let me share it.

Lastly, I'm just going to hug Livejournal people. *hugs* Getting little squeals of appreciation over the Tea Macro Story really helped balance out my evening. Plus, my obsessive refreshing of my inbox was actually rewarded for once.

In sum, I'm back in my little dingy on the waters, peeking over the edge for monsters. I can't really see harbour, but I'll drop anchor here for now.

* Travis, "Dear Diary"
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I've been watching Jerry Seinfeld in New York (Part 1 of 7) and realize that I much prefer Eddie Izzard. Not just because he's more energetic and does better mime - and looks bloody gorgeous to boot - but because he's intellectually stimulating. A few times whilst watching Jerry I had to stop my gut reaction of "No! But that's not the way it is at all!" and just enjoy the joke. Meh.

I haven't been out of the house yet, and highly doubt I will, as it's 6 pm and pitch black already. Plus, where would I go? Blimey big city, centre of government and what not, but honestly? Boreing as all hell to walk about it. Stores were closed on Saturday at 7 pm. Streets were empty. There are no malls - which, gods, do I miss that concept - and walking around chinatown isn't as awesome as it should be.

I might do some random exercises at home whilst listening to American Gods, which is my lifeline to sanity at the moment. (Except Bilqis' death, which still left me shaken the second time around.)

ETA: "Two signed and numbered limited editions have been released by Hill House Publishers. They are 12,000 words longer than the mass market editions and represent Neil Gaiman's preferred edition." Bugger.

I spoke to my brother, who doesn't sound as depressed as he has for a while, and he actually said he liked talking to me! *squee* Yeah, we're not explicitly appreciating of each other anymore.

I've checked out the forms I have to fill in for the internship, and have, of course, been scared shitless. The details they ask! Exact dates! Telephone numbers! I don't know! And yeah, still have to google for articles to see if a possible topic is doable, or if it's just a massive black hole of information.

Aw hell, I'm just going to post a fake cut on [ profile] heores_macros to my macros; the Tea Story definately, and maybe my first macro post, but that one's a bit more iffy. I never did delete the "Lestat" off of Mr Muggles... Probably never will.

And beta.

And not crawl onto the sofa and hide under the pillow. *eyes longingly*

I think it's basically that I'm just terribly lonely. My last social interaction was Thursday, for gods' sake, and the last significant social interaction was on Tuesday. And the last time I had a social network? Early two-thousand-fuckin'-five.

*incoherent mumbling* *stares at wall*

Memes )

Quote of the Day: Marquis de Sade

My manner of thinking stems straight from my considered reflections; it holds with my existence, with the way I am made. It is not in my power to alter is; and were it, I'd not do so. This manner of thinking you find fault with is my sole consolation in life; it alleviates all my sufferings in prison, it composes all my pleasures in the world outside, it is dearer to me than life itself. Not my manner of thinking but the manner of thinking of others has been the source of my unhappiness.

Links of the Day:
Oscar Nominees - Go Bardem! And am miffed that El orfanato wasn't nomm'd for Foreign Films. Maybe it was too late of an entry?
Eddie Izzard wikiquotes
American Gods: deity list, including clues to guessing the forgotten god
Honor roll: Fantasy Books
ISFDB Topp 100 Books, subdivided into sections

* Eddie Izzard, Unrepeatable
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I've done shite these past few days. I'm mean, seriously, abso-fucking-nothing. I ought to be doing stuff - really ought to - but there's just a hell of a lot of blah going on. I lay on the couch all day yesterday. Moped a bit, cried a bit, stared at pretty much nothing for a bit more.

The only good coming out of this is that, since I'm down to one honest meal a day I appear to have lost weight. From n.2 on Jan 6 to (n-3).8 today. Of course, that doesn't really mean there's any success because I've really just been oscillating around a given figure. Still, yays for grazing n-3.

Thing is... Hell, I can't even write an entry anymore.

And this time I know it's not due to the hormone rollercoaster. I'm just au-naturel blah. (More than blah, actually.)

Fuck the internship. Fuck the Masters.

(No, not really, but...)

ETA: A precursory search on offers nothing for SonoTORIous whatsoever. I feel cheated.

Links of the Day:
[ profile] cleolinda has her own wiki site, full of wonderful goodies.
[ profile] oficialgaiman's Web Elf brings us a sneak preview to the upcoming film Coraline. (YouTube version) And Neil says the Neverwhere film is back on the hot plate :) (Although the TV series was pretty nice, especially cast-wise.)
[ profile] fox1013 shares Harold and Kumar Sequel Trailers and much squee. Also, the list of horror movies she likes.
How to Support Someone with an Eating Disorder on
Chinese Fur Farms - Got it in an email-petition thingy. Five seconds into the clip and I was ready to retch and cry at the same time. Really, seriously, don't watch this. The description is enough; you don't need to see the twitching. (Oh gods, it's horrible.)

* Simon, re: River's coded message, Firefly
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This is the Serious Post I mentioned I was writing. How serious of a post is this? It’s of a personal nature regarding the death of a close family member.

Clickety if you want, comment if you like.
I just felt it was high time I wrote this down.

Posts written at the time. )

[3:50 pm] Saturday; January 12, 2008: Den Haag

Where I wrote this. )

The bulk of it all. )


* The Body, BtVS 5x16
** Total tally of cigarettes whilst writing this: 16
*** I’m now afraid to go to the bathroom, least I never, ever, get the tights back on. Instruments of torture and meditation/patience exercises, I tell you!
**** Ironically, inevitably, they did break – or rather, burst – when I hunkered down a bit to check out a tiny statue of Ganesh. Damn you, the Eternally Compassionate!
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Lander cancelled our Amsterdam trip yesterday, but since I was already up I decided to go anyway. I went to Anne Frank's house. Read more... )

I then wandered around the centre of Amsterdam, desperately seeking out a Pannenkoeken Huis due to a craving for them Dutch pancakes. Alas, at 'round 4pm, sick of the rain and tired and hungry, I had a slice of pizza before huddling in a cafe for a club sandwhich (not seals!).

Coincidentally, if you wiki "pancake house dutch", you get Neil Gaiman's Death of Sandman with a 66.5% relevance.

Then I went to watch The Kite Runner (trailer, wiki). Read more... )

And not surprisingly, I got a bit depressed in the evening and homesick for non-homey things and woe was had. Then I internetted and photoshopped, and fun was had. Now, I'm off to read the latest in Define Dangerous. Possibly eat first, though.

You can still hit me for that meme.

Quotes of the Day:
It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
"Better a lie which heals than a truth which wounds." - Proverb
"Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses." - Bible. Wha?
"Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." - Bible, Proverbs 27:6

Links of the Day:
Heroes-Related )
Director's Guild, Studios Reach Contract Deal by Steve Gorman (January 17, 2008),
Wookieepedia: Star Wars Wiki
Hedgehog in the Fog: classic award winning russian animated short film (with english subtitles), and Tale of Tales Part 1, by Norstein.

* Common expression.
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The "What I did on my holidays" post, in list-form.

Once across the pond, where did I go? )

What life was like across ze pond. )

What was obtained in the land of plenty. )

Books brought across the pond, whoot whoot! With blurbs! )

Movies watched whilst across the pond, whoot! )

* metaquoted [ profile] pouringsand
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In case you missed it, or just forgot to squee**: Sylar scenes all in one go! Hell yeah! Take it while it's 'cause he's hot!

I've just watched Dr Who's Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, and have the audio version of American Gods.


It was so good to see the Doctor again, and scary-serious Doctor was amazing, as always. Except that now I sort of want him to scrutinize Sylar. Because fandoms should always bleed into each other like this. And I'm an obsessed little freak.

An obsessed little freak who has done absolutely nothing today. About which I feel really shitty.

I did go to the Escher Museum yesterday, which was awesome Read more... )

Things I need to do: Read more... )

Gods, I need a "squee" icon. But right now, I need to get ready for bed and an exciting and fruitful day tomorrow. Or something.

Btw, I have to stop refreshing my email, but I just don't learn that there's no mail. *feels unloved*

ETA 12:57 am: Why hallo there little panic freakout. *freaksout* Fuck. I really should have gotten out of the house today, done something. *panicfretpant*

Links of the Day:
MCEscher Official

* The Doctor, Voyage of the Damned
** Taaaaalk to meeeeee.
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A present from me to you: Sylar scenes all in one go! Hell yeah! Take it while it's 'cause he's hot!

Found and posted Chapter 22 of Hero's Manual. Not that anyone reads it. *pout*

In other news, a government branch - represented by a group of three - came into my house today to check on the house itself (whether it was livable and safe) and that everyone registered to live here actually was (and vice versa) and had contracts. How truly Dutch.

It was a bizarre experience, because a) while it was 1 pm, I hadn't even had breakfast yet and b) authority law figures make me somewhat uncomfortable in case, somehow, they decide I'm guilty of something. But everything went well and all my papers checked out. I even tought one of 'em something - namely that my Spanish ID is valid for all of Eurpoe, 'cause we're a loving community who accepts things like this.

Yesterday's outing was most excellent. Lander picked me up on his bike - riding double is a very difficult thing indeed! *death grip* - and we went to Proost, where we had a choice of two social events. We eventually settled for the backroom, where his International Law collegues were playing darts. (I threw for the first time ever, with noticable improvement. Watching professional dart shooters, as I have previously done, doesn't help you, but it's entertaining. Ish.) The people were really nice and interesting and, while my body still screamed "I'm nervous and shy and not at all relaxed!", my face was a-giggle and I enjoyed myself. One extra-nice thing was that there was one guy, Ashran or Asran, whom I was a bit attracted to, and we got along nicely. :D

Tomorrow is my internship meeting, and I might meet up with Mariska (email recept pending). Friday I'm heading off to Amsterdam with Lander and whoever cares to join for museum fun.

ETA: Why I feel I should be watching Torchwood: holy smokin' Jack/James!

Links of the Day:
Generation Terrorists - quotastic!
More [ profile] metaquotes Movies that ought to Be ([ profile] oakenguy's monkey army) and Songs that Ought to Be ([ profile] morelen's I'm Cold Song
[ profile] metaquotes explains why not to be a zombie
Tom Cruise talks about Scientology - While I definately woudln't call this "terrifyingly creepy", there are a few moments where I definately balk and crash up against a wall of WTF Wrong! And as scary as I find religion sometimes, and the "We are the authority on x" mentality, I do realize that if it gives people the strength and impulse to "go out and help", that may be a good thing. (Unless by help they mean convert, burn at the stake, etc.)

* Moving Pictures, TPratchett
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I is going out tonight! I is most pleased. (Will probably not be so pleased at 11 pm whilst braving hurricane-strength winds to go to a bar to be surrounded by strangers.)

I'm finally working on Hero's Manual. And by "working on", I mean wrote 164 words for three words worth of summary ("the goat approaches"). Oy. However, the chapter I've got is #23, whereas I appear to have only posted up till #21. Am I going to have to dig through CDs for mising chapters? *disgruntled sigh*

I was going to post something super-special, but then either my Firewall or my Antivirus didn't play nice with Sendspace, and I don't quite feel up to trying to upload it again. Especially since I must make myself presentable. (But I is teh sleepy.)


* [ profile] bending_sickle, for once, in Hero's Manual "I know I haven't been writing this for ages" Interlude. [ profile] vampedvixen is answering that question in Chapter 17 of Define Dangerous. *bites nails*
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This is just to say that a) I'm not dead and b) internet has finally stopped teasing me and is finally back on. I'll be needing a longer cable than the one I just bought, but still.

Also, the growth spurt from 15 back to 24 was excruciating.

*finishes watching The Hitchhiker's Guide*

*eyes half-emptied suitcases*

*gets smacked by guilt of not having started studying for Dutch exam yet*


Have a Random Facts meme via [ profile] rexdart instead: Read more... )

* ibid meme
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Well folks, I came, I ate, and now I'm leaving. A lot happened - but not a lot was done - and I may actually post about some of it. You can certainly look forward to a few lists of things, and some general recap of sorts when I start school again and have more time. (See if you can spot the irony there.)

I do want to note that I utterly failed at caling friends (which sucks). I could blame it on the Never a Good Time syndrome, or the My Gods Am I Busy and Never Home one.

I've been swinging wildly between "I can't wait to leave" and "I don't wa-waaah-nt to leave!" and have thus been somewhat weepy ever since my brother left day before yester'. Crying whilst packing a suitcase is not fun.

Alright then. Impending Doom and Internshiphood, here I come.

PS: Y hallo thar, 2008! Do be kind, if you please.

* Queen, ibid song
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A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.*

Happy Impending Doom New Year's Eve!

Progress Reports:
1) Sylar Recap compilation: complete but unposted/shared
2) [ profile] blizzardcake's cookies: research completed, creation pending
3) Cracktastic "Pimp My Sylar" project: preliminary research ongoing
4) Latetest chapter of Hero's Manual: *death-throes*

I've got some 100 entries on my FList to go through. *sigh* I'll comment, even if it ends up being weeks late. Ditto for fics. I'm so behind on Heroes fics, it's not even funny. (It's more of a looming doom sort of thing.)

*scurries off to kitchen*

Edit: I lied about the scurrying. I also missed Dr Who's Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned. See possibly) spoilery reviews here by [ profile] 45eugenia and here by [ profile] fallen_iceangel


Links of the Day:
Eddie Izzard to voice Reepicheep - *day is made*
Neil Gaiman posts a link to a Coraline sneak preview.

* Bill Vaughn
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Christmas is Intersting - Jonathan Coulton

There's loads of stuff I want to say but I'd need more than the short moment** to myself I've got now for that. Things are exactly as one would expect***, knowing my family, so no surprises there. But since we're all a little wild on the emotional-pendulum, there's also been some squishy goodness.

The 23rd, which involved meeting [ profile] lienne, her friends (including [ profile] aplysia06), cupcakes and Heroes discussions, was a day made of win. <3 More on that later, I hope.

I'll be squishing [ profile] katarinagram day after tomorrow, and I've got to get talking on the phone - once holiday celebrations allow - with Kit and Jo'. *pre-emptive squish* And [ profile] blizzardcake, I promised you cookies, but I'm afraid they'll be late in coming because I'm a lazy bum. But there damn well will be cookies coming your way! *shakes fist*

Brother Dearest has radically changed his mind about I Am Legend, which means that the squee - remember the squee? - has not only died but rolled around in the dirt and come lurching up with a hatchet. Fun times. He did, however, like my gift of Valentino, the Bad Taste Bear.

Off to watch Ratatouille with Ma' now.

, Jonathan Coulton
** Ye gods, I can't even have ten minutes to myself! Whereas Dad and Bro can stay locked up the whole bloody day! *is not bitter* *is actually quite irritated* *waves forlornly at internets*
*** I believe the correct term would be Expressed Emotion (EE), also known as the "You did everything wrong," tactic.
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I'm in Toronto, back in my parents' home, after one whole year away. I can't remember where the dishes go, and the light switches are at funny heights, and I'm not exactly sleeping in my bed - Brother got there first, so I've got the guest drawer-bed thingy - but it's good to be home.

It's bloody fantastic to be with my family again, despite, yes, the novelty wearing off today and people being themselves and old patterns being worn even deeper.

But, happy and giving improptu hugs all the time. *happy sigh*

I'm also still jetlagged, so...

One more thing: tomorrow, I'm meeting [ profile] lienne. *squees at ultrasonic frequencies*

* Margaret Elizabeth Sangster
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Halp!!1!1 It's 11:45, I'm procrastinating by Standing Around Not Doing Very Much, and suitcase is staring at me with its jaws open. I fed it presents. It's still hungry.

Mooo-ooom, do I really need clothes in North America? Frigety. I hate packing and I'll never get tired of saying that. Done it dozens of times, hundreds even, and I still hate it. Oooh, I can pack things in tight - and you can be damn sure those cookies are making it across the pond in one piece - but picking what to pack in the first place? Aaaaah!

I need, like, Eddie Izzard clips or something as background noise to get me through this.

Entertain me, folks, if'n you like. But short entertainment. But sweet.

I'm tired!

ETA: Mr Safety gives momentary reprieve, but Eddie Izzard saves! I am now amused, and productive, and tired as all fu... Gah. I'm all out of suitcase-foo.

* Pull the String, Jonathan Coulton
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How can I best explain how tired I am?

If Sylar were to walk into my room, lathered in oil like a Christmas Turkey, wearing nothing but an LJ-cut tag )

Yes. I am that tired.

(I would, of course, encourage him to vent his frustration on the guy downstairs. The "thump thumpathumpa thump" must stop! Melt his stereo, pin him to the wall, cover him in cockroaches, I don't care.)

Our wiki pages are a thing of beauty, and I'm fine as all presenting the poster tomorrow. During presentations today, one group did water bears, also called t-something-or-other, and made a multi-legged WWF panda, and renamed it World T-something Fund. Truly, WTF! *giggles hysterically*

Also, I've probably very-definately failed my Dutch exam. Both of them, in fact. I'll still be shocked, of course, but really, I didn't study (I haven't even had time to breathe). I was also pretty dead to the world by then, having worked all day straight without a single break and fed off of a handful of granola bars.

ETA: Confirmed fail. *sigh* How I managed to pass the Culture section, though, is beyond me.

Now, I have to pack. I have to pack a hell of a lot of stuff. I don't even know what I have to pack.

This is not going to go well.

ETA: The creepy-ass Emails of Loooove from Profesor *** Saga continues. )

*whistles* Oh, Sylar! Got another one for you. Then, maybe, we'll do something about the sexing. But you're helping me pack first.

* Sail Away, Sweet Sister, Queen
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...cannot create miracles from a riceless pantry*

I just had to do an emergency grocery run. Prior to extended trips, I tend to slowly eat my way through my stock - which is never that good a stock - and, unfortunately, end up with no food a few days too early. So now I'm enjoying a delicious tika masala instead of a handful of shrivelled grapes**.

Things in general are looking up. Today we finished - and were immensely satisfied with - our group's dragonfly poster. Now there's just the wiki left, which is due tomorrow at 4 pm. Today I have to study all the Dutch I ever learnt and then some, as tomorrow's the final for both language ant culture. Am I prepared? Hell no.

On the other hand, I'm allowed a moment's respite from the lack-of-internship guilt, as yesterday's meeting about the literature research project was fruitful - if by fruitful you mean, "here, have an unripe banana". Read more... )

Family wise, I'll be squishing people in three day's time. (Yes, I'm leaving in two days, but trans-atlantic destinations are still far.) I keep on thinking of things I want to take to my folks, like Dutch apple-marzipan for dad, or the weird almost-exclusively-exported-to-the-Netherlands tisane Rooibos for mom. I got my brother the Valentino Bad Taste Bear (image). Even the box has "Warning: Contents may be offensive" on it. Think he'll like it?

And guess who's going with me to watch I Am Legend? That's right: Brother of Mine. Oh, the squee. We seem to have this one-film-outing per visit tradition going on since I went to visit him in Montreal one Easter back in 1998 when we first stopped living in the same house (and country). Read more... )

One last thing: my gods, is Zachary Quinto ever eloquent in his interviews! I've never heard such interesting and well-put responses. Proof: Water Cooler Interview and Fear Factor Interview: Sweeney Todd Premier. And that's just for starters.

Links of the Day:
Stan Lee and Heroes Award Ceremony: pre-event signing and picture-taking with the fans. "Mama Petrelli" is an awesome person, I must say.

* Chinese proverb
** Raisens fished from amongst my granola mix.


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