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Supernatural, "Death's Door" (7x10):
  • Tears, tears everywhere and everyone's dead.

  • Crowley get your ass up here and fix this. Now.

  • PS: Rufus! ♥

So because I can't feel anymore, here's Ashdoode's Fanvid, "Losing Your Memory". Just, y'know, to spread the pain.

Lord of the Rings Fandom Rewatch: Join the December marathon! Everybody watch the extended editions! This weekend, The Fellowship of the Ring.

Links of the Day:
[ profile] littlehollyleaf's Report Asylum 7
[ profile] mrscastielftw's Review How to Win Friends and Influence People, Time for a Wedding
[ profile] lightthesparks's Fanart Rules of the Road
[ profile] bevwa's Fanvid Everything Will Be Okay - ...right after I stop grossly sobbing over this fanvid.
[ profile] mithborien's Fanvid Hey Jude (Mary)
[ profile] ketoh's Fanvid I Was Alone Falling Free (Godstiel, 2014!Castiel)
[ profile] angelicfoodcake's Fanart J2 Bookmarks
[ profile] ontdspnparty's Thread 2014!Crowley
3news' David Farrier's interview of Mark Sheppard
Roby79ist's Video Mark and Sebastian Panel - Jus in Bello 2
Disasterpiece Theatre's Podcast with Misha Collins

Doctor Who:


Other Fandom:
[ profile] cleolinda's Breaking Dawn in Fifteen Minutes
[ profile] made_of_fail's Breaking Dawn Review Episode Forty-Eight: And Then the Werewolf Fell In Love With the WAIT WHAT
[ profile] obsessive24's Game of Thrones Fanvid Iron
[ profile] penny_lane_42's Picspam Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Race!Swap Casting
Marz Girl's Picks Apart the Twilight novels
Friesian's The Fascist Ideology of Star Trek: Militarism, Collectivism, & Atheism

[ profile] madlori's This is the face of obesity
My Recession Kitchen's Pumkpkin Cheesecake Squares
The Baker Chick's Apple Pie Pop-Tarts with Cinnamon Glaze
Tasty Kitchen's Peanut Butter Cup Brownie Bottom Cheesecake
Catbird's Jewellery - A heart with an impalable dagger!
Jezebel's Send us your scariest ghost stories - Links to a particularly good one.
Lotrscrapbook's Middle Earth Recipes
Wiki's Hundings - "The Hundings (Old English Hundingas, the "hound-clan") are a legendary tribe or clan in early Germanic sources, mostly mentioned due to their feud with the Wulfings (the "wolf-clan")."
The Noise Cast's Survival Week: Zombie Apocalypse Guide
Ft's Unpacking my library: Six writers and their book-collecting habits
Food52's "Nutella" Pudding - Does not include any actual nutella
Mobiledia's Teenagers Revive Dead Languages Through Texting
Effingpot's British Slang
Nadleeh's Heteronormativity and Media, tl;dr
Hoydenabouttown's Popularity of long-debunked rape myths: talk about disheartening
Wiki's How to Destroy Angels (album)
Wiktionary's Into the Woods
IMDB's The Company of Wolves
Quote Garden's Quote Garden
Testadoprovadoeaprovado's Aple pie (in the pie)
Lescromagnons' "Là-haut dans la montagne" lyrics - I learned this at camp but could never remember anything beyond a couple lines.
Hyperbole and a Half's Adventures in Depression

* Anon.
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