Dec. 13th, 2011

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Yesterday was my last day at my internship, and goddamnit, if I could network and socialize like I did yesterday when I was saying goodbye... I had lunch with my supervisor and the rest of my team (I was part of a team, yo, although that was more administrative than anything) and then ran around having coffee with different people and basically feeling like:

Today was Day 1 of freeeeeedom (a.k.a. unemployment) and tomorrow I'm off to Barcelona. I'll be back in a week with snazzy things (I will get books) and food, and then I'll continue this mad socializing things. There's a lot of stuff I need to do for that, stuff to get together and the likes, but I'm all headachey and I just managed to clean up the mad amounts of tabs I had open.

I seem to have gone from the saddest little llama, wibbling everywhere, to happy (if a bit "I've got noooothing to say" hence this post). This is weird. And my relationship with my mom's improved. I don't know what's going on.

In other news, I finally watched Alice and ngh, Hatter. (Trailer)

Also I'm slowly trying to get Time 3 spruced up to post (and to send to CreateSpace) but there's been a certain lack of motivation going on. Whelp. Hopefully this week I'll get the missing scene done (it might even just be a paragraph, but writing, ugh) and then it's just a hope and a jump.

So in the fine tradition of plugging my Nanowrimo into Wordle to make a word cloud, here's evidence of just how much Crowley derailed everything: Read more... )

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