Apr. 21st, 2011

bending_sickle: (So happy)
I can has job! \o/

The interview went very well - all hour and a half of it. The interviewer showed up with not just a copy of my CV, but my cover letter as well. Highlighted. The level of interest and appreciation that alone showed made me squeeful.

The overlap between my studies - theses, interests, etc. - and this office is massive, which is wonderful. The interviewer and I had even been in the same regions, countries and even parks, and the work they're doing for some projects, or hope to do, is right up my alley. He gave me some literature - brochures, project reports, booklets - and seriously, the over of one of them could've been my thesis cover.

This could not possibly be any better. I am so excited :D It's for six months starting at the end of next month, and I'll be sharing office space with two other girls - both biologists and both, get this, from Quebec. One even went to my alma mater.

In sum: le squee.

* "Walking Far From Home", Iron and Wine


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