Apr. 20th, 2011

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Wow. I haven't posted in a week. What that primarily means is that the Links of the Day is going to scare the bejeezus out of you, but it also means there's some catching up to do on events in Sickleland.

This past week I finished Grave Sight and Grave Surprise, the first two books in Charlaine Harris's (she of the Sookie Stackhouse books) series revolving around Harper Connelly, who can sense corpses and see their last living moments. Read more... )

I've also gone a lot to the cinema because there's a Spanish film festival going on. Read more... )

On Friday mom and I were supposed to go to a concert in a church, and in fact we were sitting in the pews with the concert just minutes away froms tarting, when her heart started acting up. Read more... )

I've been madly focused on a fanvid which I never even meant to make. I just couldn't get Iron and Wine's Walking Far From Home out of my head. Read more... )

I recently got an email from Person in Organization, following up on his, "your CV is right up my project's alley, let me see if we have place for you to do an internship" promise. I have an interview - "a short discussion" - with him tomorrow, and I'm really keen on this opportunity because it's all about what I studied in my Masters. \o/

I'm also on holiday until Wednesday \o/

I'm past two weeks in Sniffles and Sneezes of Doom :(

Links of the Day:
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* "Walking Far From Home", Iron and Wine


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