Mar. 13th, 2011

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I was doing rather poorly yesterday with what might have been a stomach bug. The kind that scuttles around wreaking havoc whilst white blood cells stand on chairs and scream, tossing rolled-up newspapers onto the floor in a hopeless attempt at stopping the infestation.

Today we took to the car and supposedly went to a Medieval town with a lovely view of the lake, but all we got to see was rain coming at us in all directions, so we had a coffee (with flavoured sugar!) and went back home.

I appear to have developed a crush on Misfits's Simon, which means a certain unfilicious episode will probably be rewatched. I also watched the Rifftrax version of X-Men yesterday, and somehow that made the movie ten times more boring. I liked that film, damnit. And all the while yesterday I was watching it thinking, "This is so ridiculous and nothing's happening." I don't even.

And now, Attack of the Links. Muahahaha!

Quote of the Day: Annonymous, here
Misha's entire life is a social experiment. That's the wonder and the beauty of him.

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* Nathan, Misfits


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