Jan. 17th, 2011

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I'm still very much in the dumps today going around with a sort of "fuck off and leave me alone to die not like you'd care" mindframe, which is fun in that there is nothing fun about it and I'd like to stop feeling like this now kthx.

For some reason I have yet to understand, I watched half of Karla (trailer) yesterday. Now, simply rewatching that movie would usually raise all sorts of questions as to just what sort of psychological self-harm I'm going for, except I was honestly watching is as a comfort. The movie's about this. You can see how the math does not compute, right? And yet, because I didn't have a horror movie to scare me witless (Paranormal Activity 2 isn't out on DVD until February), I apparently went for the movie that I first watched with my hands over my eyes and mouth and peeking through in horror amidst a lot of "lalalala I can't hear you" and instantly booted off my property (only to drag it back and rewatch it properly so I could give it a fair trial before sending it one more to the bowels of hell), as the movie I wanted to distract me from the call of the Dodos of Doom.

In my defense, I'd already gone the stand-up comedy route with Dara O Briain Live at the Theatre Royal and it only helped for as long as I was watching it.

I had a bunch of other stuff I'd been meaning to post about, not least of which was a recounting of my first German lesson in years, or possibly a paragraph in German, just to flex the old muscles, but what I've written so far is about as far as I can go tonight.

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