Jan. 11th, 2011

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I continue to be behind in everything in my life, although I have an excuse for today, because today mom and I went windowshopping, although the intention was to go to the Goethe so I could sign up for a course but the secretary was closed and we didn't so much "go windowshopping" as "go into shops and fail to find anything that wasn't hideous", which is why we got home late and watched Castle (2x01) and then I tried to catch up on the flist and by then I just was too tired to do anything at all and anyway it was too late in the night so here I am.

Also, run on sentences.

I hope to have photos to post tomorrow (they're uploading!) but for now, Imma gonna go and watch The Daily Show's last Thursday episode. For greater justice.

Quote of the Day: [livejournal.com profile] greygirlbeast (Caitlin R. Kiernan), here
I'm on manuscript page 162. But, even as I begin this seemingly marvelous progress, the insecurity mounts. The fear that I'm not even half smart enough to write this book, and that there's no audience who wants to read a novel of this sort. I have begun heavily second guessing the reader.

Fuck the so-called wisdom of writing workshops, of instructors, and fuck all that shit about reader/writer contracts. This sort of anxiety is poisonous to good fiction. One does not write for an audience, unless one only wishes to pander. One writes. The worth of a novel is not determined by the opinions of those who read it, collected and averaged to yield an objective rating that may be expressed in stars given and stars withehld. It's all a lonely mess. The book's "worth" lies in the mind of the author, and in the mind of each reader. Each is alone with the book, and everyone who reads it is subject to their own unique experience. Nothing is generally true. That said, I sit and try to just let Imp speak and tell her story, but I begin to hear the complaints to come. The shitty Amazon and blog "reviews" it may receive in 2012. These things shouldn't occur to me, and certainly they shouldn't give me a moment's pause, but they do. "It takes forever before anything actually happens." "It's slow." "It rambles." And so on and on and on and so forth.

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